Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blog Tweaking and Harry Potter Geeking

So, I figured that before I go to Japan and lose my amazing Serenity (my computer), I should take care of my blog design now. Ahahaha. I seem to be having issues with the header, but oh well. </3

In other news, I bought a pair of bracelets for Angel and I.  They should be in the mail soon. ♥

 And I'm kinda stoked. I FINALLY got mum into HP. Ahahahahaha! SUCCESS! She's blasting through the books, too. I think she started like two weeks ago MAX and she's already done the first 3 books and well into GoF. I'm so proud of you, mum! T^T Now, we just have to get Dad on the HP train (ahahaha) and I'd be a pertty happy camper. XD ♥

Monday, July 11, 2011

Well, we're going. :'D

So, David and I will be in Japan as of August 19th. Yup.