Sunday, December 1, 2013

It was terrifying as always~

So, I found a really weird thing this week. I stopped by a vending machine on the way home to grab a coffee and I spotted it. HOT Ginger ale. Canada Dry ginger ale, even. I wasn't brave enough to try it, though~
Ai-sensei brought in tea for all of us to try at work this week. It was a chamomile and orange peel blend. It was really nice~ Sadly, it did make me kinda sleepy which was bad, because I still had 2 classes to teach. Hahaha. I'm re-reading the Hunger Games trilogy on my kobo. The movies won't come out in Japan, but I'm hoping to go see Catching Fire when I go home. The Capitol.PN website was issuing free ID cards again for the movie, so I got the updated card. Being from District 1 is pretty sweet~ Did I ever mention that I'm apparently a goldsmith? Awesome.
On Monday, I ended up meeting David after work. I popped into Starbucks to wait for him and decided to give the red cocoa cake a try. It wasn't bad, but I was kinda disappointed. I was hoping it'd be like a red velvet cake, but alas, it wasn't so. My hazelnut cocoa was nice, though.
On Tuesday, one of my students brought us in cookies! We're talking with my grade 3 students about jobs and what they want to be when they grow up. She wasn't sure what she wanted, but she mentioned that she likes baking the week before. So, Midori and I had joked that she should bring in cookies for the class. And this week she totally did! She brought in lightly sweetened shortbread cookies for us! It was so sweet~ They were very nice, too!
And on Wednesday, two of my kinder girls were drawing pictures on the blackboard. One girl drew a picture of Princess Peach on the right and the other drew pictures of herself and her pet on the left. I thought they were cute~
On Friday, David and I both had half days. We're both working on our anniversary and we also both had weekend plans, so we decided to go out on a date. I wanted to try the Afternoon Tea tearoom, so David took me out for lunch! I ended up with the smoked chicken, potato and broccoli pasta with Afternoon Tea blend tea and David (who ate lunch while he was waiting or me to get out of work) ended up with a cute tea set. It was sooo good~ I probably won't get the same tea next time. It was rather weak, but the food was amazing!
After lunch, we walked around for a bit. We popped into the Pokemon Center and David bought me a cute little Vulpix bag charm. Vulpix is still my favourite Pokemon, but you almost never see things with it in the store, so I always get excited when I do.
And then, we wandered back home for the evening. It was a nice little date~ <3

And yesterday, I went out with Mika and Kazue to Bennyland! Sadly, there was a disinct lack of Benedict Cumberbatches, but it was still fun! It's a locally owned amusement park here in Sendai. It has kinda a shaggy, run down, haunted vibe going for it, but it's safe.
We started by doing the cute Jet Coaster, which was a kids train type thing. It was so bumpy! Hahaha. It was kinda hilarious. A little disconcerting, but still fun.
After that, we wandered over to the not-so-monorail type ride. We each got to pick a car thing and drive around the park on a track. Or rather, we hit the gas or brakes and the car moved along the track. No steering wheel. It was kinda cute and gave a really nice view of the park. I guess in the spring, when the sakura are out, it's quite pretty.
We all did the Pirat ship ride. Yes, Pirat. No 'e'. It was terrifying as always~ The free fall and momentum and whatnot was scary like always. But, still fun. We screamed our heads off, though. The people behind us kept laughing at us.
Now, there were 2 big coasters. The Cyclone, which was a normal coaster and the Corkscrew. Kazue flat out refused to do either, but I wanted to do the non-upsidedown one. So, Mika took one for the team and went on it with me. The attendant came over and advised us to remove our glasses, so we got to go on it blind. What a great idea~! ...Not. We sat in the middle and again, we screamed our heads off. Hahaha. I was gonna take a photo from the top, but I was took scared. As soon as we were buckled in, Mika and I started to get scared. I made a joke about getting out, and then the car began to move. Hahahaha. It wasn't overly big, but everything is bigger when you're partially blind. It was only like 45seconds long, but it was fun. We were shaking like leaves afterwards and laughing at ourselves.
We didn't stay all day~ It's kinda like those carnivals that come through at home where you buy tickets and go on rides that way. It's easy to spend a lot of money there, but we didn't wanna spend loads of money, so we planned what to do before buying our tickets. Kazue wanted to do one more thing before we left, which was the space car up and down-y ride things. It was fun~
After Bennyland, we ended up going to the Hub British Pub for dinner. They're brand new to Sendai and it we wanted to check them out. I ended up with bite sized fish and chips and a Bailey's ice cream drink. All drinks were 1/2 off because of their grand opening, which was pretty cool. Less than 1,000yen for dinner. Awesome.
Which brings us to today which was a bit of a lazy day for me. I did some laundry and I'm just kinda chilling and watching Christmas specials on youtube. Hahaha. Hopefully this week will be more interesting~