Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm not even kidding. He really gave us a fruit cup.

...Oh hey. I forgot I had a blog for a little while. Ahahaha... Sorry!!! I have photos from our Tokyo trip last month that I forgot to update with, so here we go!

It was a nice little girly trip. Holly, Lucy, Zoe, Tonya & moi went to Tokyo for a few days. Tonya didn't really hang with us for most of it, since she made plans to meet some friends. But, we all had a great time! Everyone but Tonya took the Shinkansen so we got to Tokyo quite early. We grabbed breakfast too on the way. Milk tea & onigiri! Yummmmm!
So, once we got to Tokyo we had some free time before meeting Tonya. We dropped our luggage off at the hostel and set off for Akihabara. We were going to a MAID CAFE! And good lord. They are sooooo cute! I totally wanna work in one! The girls are so sweet and they're English is cute.Our maid was a sweetheart. Everytime we ordered something she'd dance off to the kitchen area and then when she brought it over we had to preform magic on it. "Magical delicious yum, yum yummy!" was one of the chants. The other was "Magical delicious, moe moe kyuuun!" All whilst making little hand movements. Ahahaha. So cute. We got the parfait set, so we each got a drink, a parfait and a special gift. We picked the 'writer' thinking it was a pen. Nope, definately a LIGHTER. So, I now have a little pink lighter sitting on my desk. Oh boy. XD We weren't allowed to take photos of anything except our food, so this is all I've got. Ahahaha. I got a kitty parfait. It was tasty!
So, after that we wandered about to Shibuya to meet Tonya. Of course, on the British Hills bus on the way to town earlier that day I had told Tonya to meet us at the North Exit, since almost all stations have one. Shibuya, however, does NOT have a North Exit. The things you learn. Oh well~ We found her eventually.
After finding Tonya we walked over to the 109 Building. I looove that place! 9 floors of girl shops! I took some photos of Shibuya crossing since it's been a while since we were there last.
And man, did we shop! We must've been there for like 3 hours! It was nuts! And by the time we left, we were all reeeeally hungry. So, we looked about for a place and found First Kitchen. Never heard of it, but it's like a fast food pasta place or something. Whatever. The food was pretty good. I got like a meat sauce pasta. It was soooo good to eat something! The parfait hadn't been very filling earlier in the day. Ahaha. And the Engrish on the side of the drink cup was cute, too.
And then as we walked back to the station, I found it. Of course, whenever I travel I always look at billboards and take photos of the most random things. And of course, this means I HAD to take a photo of yet another Arashi advertisement. I'm nothing if not consistent, eh?
I like how the tag for the poster is Lets Touch & Try! From a crazy fangirl perspective, I could really take that the wrong way. Ahahahahaha... *ahem* Anywho~ After finding this gem, we walked back to the station and caught a train back to our hostel. It was a pretty cheap place. Only ¥2,000 per night. Pretty damn cheap. We stayed in a dorm for 10 people but everyone was pretty nice. We had bunk beds and I got the top bunk. YES! I love top bunk! Although, if I had sat up at 3am from a bad dream, I'd have smacked my face against the ceiling. Oh well. Can't have everything. So, after a good night sleep we got up and got ready for the day. Now, the night before I wasn't paying much attention to the decorations in this place. However, when I got out of the shower the next day I looked up and saw this staring at me.
Oh hey there, Harper. Didn't see ya there~

So, our plans for today were Swallowtail and Ninja! Awesome! I told the girls that we all had to look nice, since Swallowtail is a fancy place, so everyone was wearing heels and nice clothes. Ahahaha. It made riding the train difficult at some points! But, we all looked fabulous. Holly asked me to take a photo of her heels, so that there's evidence for the ages showing her wearing heels. Lol. And I spotted some fun adds on the train too, so I took some photos of them. (Of course.) Oh, and before you worry, Zoe's wearing circle lenses. That's why her eyes look a little bigger.

I was really excited to go back to Swallowtail. It's awesome! I could write another big paragraph about it, but I'll just leave it at the food was great and the service was just as awesome as the time before. Tonya and Lucy were at my table and we had such a sweet butler. (Everyone agrees ours was the best looking in the place that day and really attentive.) He didn't speak much English, but he tried. I got the spinach fettuccini in a cream sauce, Catherine Rose tea and the special cream puff dessert. The puff was filled with black sesame cream! It actually tasted pretty good! And at one point, the girls had to use the bathroom so I was left alone with Mr. Butler (who's name is actually Aoi). Here is a transcript of our conversation:
Aoi: "Are you enjoying your today?"
Princess Ashley: "Yes, I sure am. I hope to come back soon!"
Aoi: "That is good. I am waiting for you." *with a bow at the end*
Cute, eh? At this point, the girls came back and we had to get ready to go. But, everyone was suitably jealous that Aoi flirted with me. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. It was awesome. I'm going to pick up some of that tea for mum. I think she'd like it. (Given the name and all~)

So, after this we went shopping at Animate! I looove Animate. It's just a big geek store, but it's glorious! And they had all these ads up for shows that I like. I only managed to get a photo of a few. They had a Kingdom Hearts one, but there were too many people around. Darn~
After Animate we hobbled over to the Sunshine City mall. It was cute! There were like 200kids there for a fieldtrip and they were EVERYWHERE on the first floor! But, kids who are in kindergarten wear cute little hats and backpacks. It was adorable. We shopped around for a while and ended up finding a Studio Ghibli store! I bought myself a new Jiji towel for my Jiji collection and took photos outside in the hall.
After shopping around there for a bit we grabbed a train off to Harajuku. It was really kinda rainy by this point, so we didn't stay long. Just long enough to grab some cheap flipflops from Daiso, I bought myself a little tiara from Closet Child and looked in a few small shops. After that, we decided to head to Ninja, even if we'd be about 35minutes early.
We got there waaay early like I said, but luckily they let us right in! Our ninja guide was really cute and the girls were practically drooling over him. Ahahaha. It was kinda funny. Lol. Our ninja server was a girl and her English was excellent. Apparently we weren't the only gaijin there that night. When I walked to the bathroom I must've passed 3 rooms with gaijin in them. Funnily enough, we were in the EXACT room we used the first time we went! It was kinda funny! I like how all the rooms are private in that place. So, to start I got one of the fancy collagen drinks. I got the Mona Lisa. It was the only non-alcoholic drink and it was really nice. Like an iced raspberry earl grey tea drink. Lucy got one too, but hers was alcoholic and a different flavour.
So, after the drinks arrived we ordered our meals and waited. It was nice just to sit somewhere warm and dry after being outside for most of the day! Dumb weather. It rained last time I went to Swallowtail, too. I must been unlucky or something! Anyway~ After a short while out appetizers started to appear. I got a reallt tasty shrimp, mayo and dijon sushi set. It was sooooo good. Yummmmm~~ Zoe got blackened pork, and I don't remember what the others got. Some kind of duck stew.
I love taking unflattering eating shots. Ahahaha. Anywho~ for our main dishes we all got different things. Zoe got Nikujaga which is a kind of hearty stew. They actually cooked it at the table! It smelled amazing!
Lucy got the famous quail egg magic dinner this time. And it was really cute watching Tonya react to it! She kept saying how amazing it was. Dinner was fabulous! I wasn't feeling like anything really fancy, so I just got the cutlet dish. It was pork cutlet stuffed with rice and eggs. Pretty tasty. Boring, but tasty.
And then for dessert, I ordered the Icy Bonsai. It was a mix of sesame iced milk, matcha iced milk and plain iced milk. There was crumbled matcha and chocolate cake on top and then twisted honeyed breadsticks to resemble the bonsai tree. It was so pretty. And tasted awesome. I looove matcha! Yay! And the dessert menu was still valued as a ninja secret, so our server destroyed it after we finished. Lucy's dessert was cute! She got the Snow Frog. It was like ice cream or sommthing. It looked adorable! And they used a sift and powered sugar to make it look like there was a dusting of snow.
Awesome night. We were there for a looong time! We didn't leave until about 9pm! Woah. But, again it was a long day, so we headed home. However, Tonya had made plans to meet a BOY. She wouldn't give us any information, though, so we waited up until she got home just in case. She got in at about 11:30. So, all was well. And the next day was our last. Tonya and Holly made plans for the morning, so it was just Zoe, Lucy and I. We headed back to Akihabara. I love how that place looks! We grabbed breakfast from La Vie de France. Its a popular chain of bakeries. I got a chocolate croissant. Yummmmmmm~ It tasted exactly like a chocolate chip bagel. It was glorious! We basically just wandered about for a little while. Saw a few lolitas which was cool. And we went shopping at Don Quixote. I love that place. They have everything!
Eventually we met up with Holly again and went to Ueno to buy our train tickets and get ready to leave. We had time, however, so we went and got lunch and explored a bit. Holly and Zoe got Panda buns. They're just like normal nikuman, but panda themed. Tasted ok. I'm glad I didn't buy one, though. Maybe next time I'll get a cream panda bun. We'll see. We grabbed lunch and settled in Ueno Park. We ate quickly and chatted and soem random 45year old dude kept walking over to us and talking. And he was weeeeeird. Like, there's a type of humour in Japan that old people like where someone will insult you. Insult comics are popular. He came over and asked if we were from England. I said no, Canada and he said "Oh, well I'm not speaking to you." And when Zoe said she was from Aussieland he just kinda sneered. He ended up asking Holly and Lucy for the time, since they were Brits. He left and then came back like 3 minutes later to apologize. I knew about the old people joke thing, thanks to an episode of Arashi Ni Shiyagare, but the girls didn't. I had just explained it to them when he came back AGAIN. Basically it all dwindled down to him asking us to add him on Facebook, especially the 'Cute one'. And guess who the Cute One was. Yep. Me. The terrified little Canadian in the back who wanted him to go away with every iota of her being. In the end, we were just saying goodbye and he handed us a fruit cup as an apology. I'm not even kidding. He really gave us a fruit cup. Which is exactly what I think he was, incidentally. Weirdo.
Oh, and I'd like to point out Holly's AMAZING shirt. It does indeed say Truck Furniture Maker. She bought it from a store in the 109 Building and we all think it's the best Engrish we've ever seen! Ahahaha. Amazing. After this, though, it was time to go home. We took the local train back and missed every transfer. Lucky us. We're just amazing. At one point we got off at the wrong stop and had to wait an hour for the next train. Yep. It was my fault, too. Good work, me! It was fun, though.

And now I'm getting all geared up for my birthday trip! Can't wait! I'm getting a Takarazuka makeover! It's one of my dream things to do! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'll try to post those pictures in a timely fashion! Promise!