Friday, November 22, 2013

I think it's more that it actually tasted like how pizza should.

Last weekend I went out with a couple friends for a private Angelic Pretty themed tea party. We all agreed that we'd wear AP dresses and we ended up going to a really sweet British styled tearoom near the arcade. We met at the station and set off together. Just outside the station, there was a special Christmas tree setup by SPAL (shopping mall attached to the station). You go in, touch your hand to the screen and it takes a photo and adds a random deco to it. Yukari was the lucky one this time! We thought it was cute~
We also saw the cute tree outside of Parco and wanted a photo. It's covered in cute decorations of food. Donuts, turkeys and lot of other things. Hahaha. Cute~
We walked off to Hampstead and ordered lunch. I ended up with Twinning's Jubilee Blend tea and the Baby Afternoon Tea set. It was so tasty! The sammiches has grated carrot, cheese and salami in them. The scone was nice and the muffins were apple compote muffins. Kazue got the same as me, but she got the lavender muffins. They were quite nice, too. We shared. :)
After a little while, we met up with Kazue's friend, Hime, who has a massive crush on Jake now. Hahaha. We wandered off to Forus to window shop and meet a friend of Yukari's. We ended up as a group of about 10 girls at one point. But then, it was getting late and lunch was a long time ago. Kazue doesn't much like big groups and I wasn't feeling very social, so we made our excuses and wandered off by ourselves to grab dinner. We ended up at Saizeriya. I got the broccoli and salmon pasta. It was so freaking good. Yum yum~
After dinner, I headed home. It was a fun day! We're hoping to do it again soon. Although, I mentioned to Kazue that I'd love to go skating this winter, so she suggested we do that in the new year. Skating in our frills. Oh boy~ At least there will be lots of padding if we fall over!

This week was kinda a blur. It was open class week, so it was insanely busy and quite stressful. All the parents came into class to watch their kids, which resulted in waaaay more temper tantrums than usual and from kids you'd least suspect it from, too. It was really strange. I'm glad this week is over. I've got no plans for the weekend, so I might just stay home and chillax.

I met up with David in Sendai today, since we both had halfdays. I was a bit preoccupied this morning, so I didn't bring lunch to work today. We ended up going for pizza after we found each other. It was amazing. So freaking good. I think it's more that it actually tasted like how pizza should. You don't get that a lot in Japan, it would seem.
I also wanted to pop to the Disney Store before we went back home, so off we went. There's so many trees and light and whatnots out now. I was pretty excited, can't lie. The Disney display was pretty cute, too. I ended up picking up a winter UniBearsity charm for my phone and we bought a new ornament for our tree.
On the train home, I saw a cute advert for people to remember their manners on public transportation. I love these.
I also have discovered that I loooooove Lush products. I bought a few bathbombs a few weeks ago, just because. And I looove them. I'm currently in love with the Shoot for the Stars one. It turns the water all dark purple-y blue and have thousands of little sparkles in it. It literally looks like you're taking a bath made out of stars and space. True story. It's gorgeous. So, I bought another one last night as well as the cute Snow Fairy shower gel. It smells kinda like candy bananas. That's how David describes it, so we'll go with that. It's fabulous.
Oh, one more thing. On Wednesdays we have our Mommy and Me type class. It's for younger than 2year olds and their mums. It's my favourite class. The mums are really nice and the little ones are freaking adorable. This week in class, Chiga decided that we would make a turkey themed art project. Wanna know what we made?
Yep~ Turkey leg headbands. It was so freaking cute.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I have stuff to chat about in my next post, but I just wanted to take this time to make a quick announcement.


We'll be home from the 23rd of December til the 7th of January! Sooo excited to be coming home!
I can't even believe that it's actually happening~! It's very surreal right now, but still, we're coming home~!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

But, I wish they had peppermint syrup in Japan!

So, the tree went up on November 2nd. Yep. We're awesome. But, being the family Christmas Geek, it is only fitting, don'tcha think? Anywho, we've gone with a Disney themed for our tree this year. we even hung some of our Sega World prizes up as ornaments. :)
It's so cute~~~

A few days ago the sunset was so freaking pretty. Lots of vibrant colours and I was just so entranced that I wanted a picture. BUT, my camera was at home. Hence, the crappy iPod photo. Sorry. Still looks lovely, though!
So, the new Arashi album 'LOVE' came out a week or two ago. Ai-sensei bought it for herself and she surprised me with a copy for me! I was so touched~ We're both pretty big Arashi geeks, so we talked about the album a lot these past few weeks. It's actually, not a bad album. I think I prefer Beautiful world more, but it's still pretty good.
On Wednesdays we have our Mommy and Me class~ One of the mum's was away a couple weeks ago and it turns out her family went to Guam! I was saying good morning to her little one, and she handed me a pack of chocolate covered macadamia nuts! Sweet~ They were pretty tasty! It was a nice little treat!
On Saturday, I went to pick David up from work. He was just working in Natori, but I had stayed home that day and wanted to go out for a bit. Now, on the weekends I tend to put a little more effort into my appearance. Since I wear jeans and a t-shirt all week at work, I like to wear skirts and pretty things in my off time. And even though we only went out to McD's for dinner, I still wanted to look nice... Except my hair wasn't co-operating! T___T I've taken to french braiding it and pinning it in either a side bun or wrapping it at the base of my skull. But, for the life of me, I couldn't get it to braid nicely. So, I just stuck it up in a bun. I wish I had've been able to do something nice with it. T~T
And then on Sunday, I went out for a lolita date with the girls. Kazue's birthday was a really bad time for us to have a party this year: She started her new job that day, I was working and Mika and Melissa both had work obligations, too. So, we never properly celebrated. However, we planned a little surprise date yesterday which was fun! Mika, Melissa and I ended up meeting up on the train. We had decided to go into Sendai early, because of the high winds. We didn't wanna risk being late. So, we popped into Loft while we were waiting to buy a card. And it was there that I stumbled upon the most amazing card ever. For those in the audience who knows what Red Pants means, you will understand my glee at seeing this card.

Hahaha. After we found a (different) card, we ended up at Starbucks, since we still had time. I ended up with a caramel white mocha, which wasn't bad. But, I wish they had peppermint syrup in Japan! I just totally wanted a peppermint mocha! Oh well~
We met up with Kazue and went off for lunch. Kazue had requested we go for Thai, so that's what we did. I have never really tried Thai before, but I was told to get the Green Curry. It was cheap and came with a salad and soup. Sadly, however, I wasn't a fan... The salad was obviously fine, but the soup tasty like soy sauce and I just wasn't a fan of the curry. But, no big deal. Melissa and Kazue took one for the team and ate mine for me. And Melissa paid for me, which was nice.
Kazue opened her gifts while we were there, too. She loved the card we got her and she got an Angry Birds hat and a Bratz doll. She was sooo happy~ It was cute how excited she got over the hatr. She really likes Angry Birds.
After lunch, we ended up going shopping. I was in the market for a new winter coat and the girls wanted to shop around. I ended up with 2 new coats! Both were 1500yen and one is for when I wear lolita or fancy dresses and the other is for everyday. It's a pretty cool coat, if I do say so myself. I'll have to take a photo of it later. But, I really like it. We also checked out Glass Forest and Hikari, the owner, was kind enough to take a group photo for us. And then I asked Melissa to take a quick outfit shot of just me.
At this point, we decided that going for tea would be a good idea, so we popped over to that fancy cake/tarte shop I keep posting pictures of. I ended up with Tiramisu tarte and earl grey tea. It was freaking delicious~~~ Tasted a lot like Bailey's though! Not that that's a bad thing. Hahaha. It was so yummy. And the place was all decorated for Christmas, which was nice~
On our way home, we popped by the SPAL Christmas tree thing. You go into the tree with a friend or lover and press your hand against the screen and then it takes a photo and adds goofy purikura things to random people. Mika and Melissa went first and they got a Masamune helmet thing. Kazue and I ended up with a Christmas cake! It was cute!
And then we all went home. It was a fun day! But, today wasn't so much fun. Work wasn't bad, but my voice has gone all wonky. I can't talk properly and I can't yell or whisper. If I talk for more than like 2 words I get all squeaky. So, at work I was pretty much just the moral support who wore a mask. I'm surprised my voice didn't desert me entirely, but I'm hoping it comes back tomorrow. Hahaha. Oh, I saw an Arashi billboard in the station on my way home. Yay~ And I won a Snow Miku plushie at the Game Station for 100yen. First try! Lucky!