Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh well, I thought, I'm sure to find it. Can't be that hard, right?

So, when we last left our daring duo, they were enjoying a snack at Artnia, the impossibly annoying to find new location of the Square Enix store and cafe. After our wonderful snack we caught the subway back to our hotel to relax. Neither of us were really hungry for dinner, since we had eaten so late, so we popped out to the Family Mart to grab a drink and a small snack for later. We tossed around the idea of doing karaoke again, but dismissed it and just vegged. It was nice to just chill together. I was playing text tag with Gayner, who we were going to be meeting the next day for lunch.

So, Sunday dawning all lovely and sunny and we checked out at about 11:00 and made our way to Shinjuku. We had made plans to meet Gayner at the Central West Exit at 11:30. We followed the signs and somehow ended up in the basement! Oops... Never fear, though. I harassed Gayner through texts until we all managed to find each other. Poor Gayner was suffering from a rather epic cold and had lost her voice! She squeaked and rasped her greetings until we convinced her to use a notepad. (I had also recommended she bring some maracas, but sadly she had none with her.) I had made us reservations at the Alice Cafe across from the station. They started at 11:55, but they were more than happy to let us in early.
We started off with a drink called Alice's Wonderland Tea Party cocktail. It tasted like a raspberry earl grey kinda drink. With grenadine and maybe some extra orange juice. It was really quite nice. They also brought over our started, bruschetta and bread.
After we devoured our bread we were presented with a salad. It was pretty good and had a lovely pancetta rose on top! Yum~
After the salad, we were served 2 different pastas. One was a carbonera with brocolli and spinach. And the other was a shrimp, mushroom and watery sauce type pasta. Both were quite yummy. ...Aaaand I forgot to take photos. My bad~ Dessert was delicious! It was matcha roll cake, whippec cream and fruit. It was arranged to look like the caterpillar! Cute and yummy!
After lunch, Keira left to go catch a train back to her school and Gayner and I slipped over to McDonalds to grab a coffee and chat. It was nice~ We just chilled for about an hour. After coffee, we made a quick trip to Uniqlo to window shop. However, after that we both went our separate ways. I caught the Yamanote line to Gotanda to meet Sara. It was so nice to see her! We dropped my stuff off at her apartment, then she immediately took me out to grab some hair dye. We had a night of beauty which was awesome~ We also had a night of pizza. REAL pizza. It was amazing!
So, the next day was Monday and I planned on just having a chill day. My budget for this trip was rather tight, so I didn't have any big plans for this day. I woke up early with Sara to help her make some pancakes for her class. (Read: 6:30am) Then when she left for school I passed out again. I got up late, spent a nice relaxing morning watching My Kitchen Rules on her laptop and just vegged. I decided around 2:30 that I should at least go out and grab a coffee, so I popped to a local Starbucks and grabbed a Chai. I was there for just under two hours~ Just enjoying my drink and my book. I made plans to meet Sara after she was done work and we grabbed some groceries before heading back. We had a really nice pasta for dinner.
So, after dinner Sara planted me in a chair and started to slather makeup on me. She decided that she wanted to have a small glamour shoot. She kept saying that I had really classic features and that I looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor. Can't lie~ I felt all pretty and whatnot. I think she took about 400 pictures! Hahaha. I only kept about 12. It was a fun evening, though.
The next day, Tuesday, I had made plans to meetup with my friend Yenni (pronounced Jenny) and her husband. We met at the train station near her place and went shopping. It was really fun! Yenni and Fluffy (her husbands nickname due to his fluffy hair) are super sweet and I love hanging out with them. We grabbed a late lunch at a really nice cafe in their local Aeon. They insisted on treating me, which I thought was amazingly nice of them. <3 I grabbed a brown sugar milk coffee and a BLT. Yummm~
After our shopping trip we headed off to Disney Sea. We had picked up After 6 passes so we could spend the evening in the park. I looove Disney (which I'm sure y'all have gathered by now) and even though I couldn't afford to spend the whole day at the park it was a lot of fun going in the evening. Yenni has a massive Shellie Mae plush that she dressed up as Alice! She carried it around and waved it's paws to people and everyone loved it.
After we entered the park, we made our way to the gift shops. It wasn't as crowded as it would be later when the park closed, which was great since we just wanted to see what was being offered. I looove the window displays and the decor in Disney's shops. It's amazing~
We went for a walk towards the American Harbour area and decided to catch a show. The Big Band Beat show is a tribute to American jazz music and whatnot. It was pretty impressive~ We waited for about 20minutes for our show to start and it was 30minutes long. The main singers were all American and they were excellent. It was cool~ PS. I love that there's a McDuck's Department Store in Disney Sea~
After the show, we hopped onto the train and wandered over to 'Duffy's House'. It's the main Duffy merch store. It's usually suuuuper busy, but luckily it was empty. I just wanted to go take a quick look, seeing as I've never been in there.
After Duffy's house, we were all feeling kinda hungry, so we wandered off to the New York Deli for dinner. However, as luck would have it, the night show Fantasmic was about to start! So, we made a pit stop to watch it. It was really cute! We passed by the new Toy Story Midway area on our way to Fantasmic and I snapped a photo. It looks like fun~ Maybe next time!
For dinner I got the chicken ciabatta sandwich with some fries and a coke. Once again, Fluffy refused to take my money, so dinner was a treat. I felt so spoiled, let me tell you~ Dinner was delicious! The sammich was really tasty! And after dinner we all grabbed a coffee and just chit chatted.
Soon enough, the park was closing and we made a mad dash off to the shops to pick up our omiyage. They have such amazingly cute things! I picked up a special glass bottle of coke for David and some cookies for work. I didn't end up buying anything for myself,  but I had a blast! We didn't actually do much, but it was a lot of fun just being there, you know? David and I are planning on possibly going up during Obon Week in August, so we'll see what happens~
On Wednesday I had made the decision to do the Imperial Castle Loop running route in Tokyo. I hopped off the subway in the downtown area and tried to find the running station I looked up online. I had done some research that morning to help me find a good starting spot. I chose the Runner's Station which had a shower area, lockers and a change room. It was cheap and they were able to provide instructions on how to get to where I wanted to go. However, once I got out of the subway I was totally lost. I think I wandered around lost for about 20minutes before I found a sports store. I walked in and asked where the Station was, and they pointed me to a different place. I ended up using the Puma Runner's Station. It was the same thing, basically, but the people there spoke no English whatsoever and weren't able to give me directions. Oh well, I thought, I'm sure to find it. Can't be that hard, right?

Not so much. I changed and left and wandered about for about an hour trying to find the loop. No dice. I found a park and ran for a bit, but I kept having to dodge kids and students and there were no other runners, so I gave up and went back to the Station. I showered, changed and headed back to Sara's.

Sara had texted asking if I wanted burgers for dinner that night. There's a Hawaiian burger place right near her apartment and she got takeout. We met up at the station and headed home. She got me a cheeseburger and she cut some avacado to put on top. Yummmmm~ We had that and fries. Sara got a half order of normal fries and sweet potato fries! I haven't had those in like 2 years. It was amazing!
We ended up watching Les Mis that night, which was fun. Poor Sara was exhausted from a long day at work, so she passed out rather early. I went out that night to Ebisu Garden Place. I had long meant to go there to take a picture of a certain landmark. It's very prominent in Hana Yori Dango, and I've been meaning to go there for a long while. So glad I finally did! I also made a trip off to central Tokyo to pop into the Maruzen book store. They used to have a really cute Sherlock dollhouse on display and I wanted to see it. Unfortunately, it was not on display any longer! Oh well. I snapped a few photos on the way back of the Pocky ads in the station~ They've got Charlie Brown as part of their advertising right now. Oh, and Nino the Pocky demon. Hahaha.
The next day was my last day in Tokyo and I had decided to go to Odaiba~ I took the Tokyo Monorail just for giggles. It's actually a direct route to get to Haneda airport, but it's a great way to see the bay area and it's just a nice ride. I took it from the start point all the way out to the airport and then switched to the other line and went back. I got off one stop early, though, and then hopped the subway to Tokyo Teleport (or Odaiba). I like Odaiba~ It's nice. I walked about Venus Fort for a bit and took pictures, grabbed lunch at Subway and just spent a nice relaxing day. I popped into the Hello Kitty area again, too~ And then I remembered about the Gundam. There's a lifesize Gundam outside one of the malls, so I went to find it. It was pretty cool, can't lie~ Although, smaller than I envisioned it. Meh. Still neat!
After my Odaiba adventure, I toddled back to Sara's. We had a nice dinner of chicken, cheesy creamy veg pasta and avacado. It was reeeeally nice! Sara's a great cook! The picture may not make it look good, but it sooo was~
Sadly, I had to catch my nightbus at about 10:30 from Tokyo Disneyland, so Sara and I said goodbye at the station at about 8:30. The trip to Tokyo Disneyland was pretty uneventful, although I felt bad because I had my big suitcase with me and the train got pretty packed at one point. But, still~ When I got to Disney it was suuuuuper windy! Like, crazy windy! It was after the fireworks, so there were a lot of people who were leaving the parks at this point. I walked down towards the parking lot and I just enjoyed the atmosphere and the music and whatnot. I got to see the castle all lit up, which was nice~ My bus got there early and I was actually the only person catching the bus from that stop! So, they left me on early and we left early! And even then, when the rest of the people got on in Shinjuku the bus was still mostly empty. There was a grand total of 9 of us on the bus. Awesome. And with the lights out it was actually dark! I actually got some sleep this time! Crazy, eh? When I got back into Sendai it was about 6am aka ridiculous early o'clock. I caught the first train out to Morisekinoshita and trudged home half asleep. That was the longest 15 minutes of my life, but it was sooo nice to come home. David actually woke up 2 minutes before I walked in, so he was awake when I got there. I dropped my bags, changed and collapsed into bed. It was nice~