Saturday, April 6, 2013

I picked up the cupcakes this time.

My first week at my new job is complete! Wooo! All things considered I think it went ok. I was obviously a little shy and I more or less just sat and observed the classes, but I think next week I'll be starting to actually teach. So, I'm both nervous and excited about that. We'll see how it goes.

So, Mister Donut is doing a Hello Kitty promotion this month. They have really cute donuts for sale with Hello Kitty bows on them. I bought a strawberry filled and dipped donut on the first day of the promo. It was really cute and it tasted rather good, too~
On Tuesday last week, I had to run to pop over to Immigration before work. I forgot that I had to apply for 'permission to work'. When on a dependent visa, you can work up to 28hours a week. However, you need to obtain permission from the government first. So, I dashed over. I had an easy enough time finding it. It's behind Tsutsujigaoka Park. The walk from the station to the park was nice enough. The sky was overcast, but it wasn't raining yet. I was listening to a hilarious episode of Cabin Pressure on my iPod and walking through the park. Some blossoms are already starting to bloom on the trees! I think the plum blossoms start first and they look so pretty!
I applied for my permission and got it less than 15 minutes later. Wooo! It was relatively painless to obtain, so awesome! I went to work that afternoon and everything was good. On the way home that night I popped into Mister Donut again and bought a few more Hello Kitty treats. I picked up the cupcakes this time. The had strawberry, orange and green apple flavoured ones. I got the apple and strawberry. Cute AND delicious!
And as I left Mister Donut, I walked past the cosmetic area of Aeon and almost smacked right into a Matsumoto Jun display. So, as ever, I had to take a picture~
In Sendai right now there's a display out in front of the station. I think it's to celebrate the spring blossoms season. I took a few photos from the side, but next time I go into town I'll take a better picture!
And with that I shall take my leave. Less than a week until my Tokyo adventure! I'm so excited to see Keira, Gayner, Sara and Yenni! *____*

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