Sunday, March 31, 2013

I get to use my blogs 'work' tag again!

So, yesterday David and I went for a small ice cream date. There's a Baskin Robbins in the grocery store food court across from us. So, we bought some groceries and stopped for a quick ice cream pick me up. I got the Easter themed sundae~ It was really cute! And it tasted good, too! Pieces of shortcake, whipped cream and sprinkles on top of chocolate mint ice cream. But, the ice cream was pink and blue in colour with pink, white and blue chocolate stars. Sooo cute and sooo good! I'll definitely get that flavour again, if it's not seasonal!
Took those photos with my cell phone~ Not bad, eh? Might start using that instead of my iPod. And today was a big day! I applied for a job late Thursday night on the off chance that I might at least get an interview. I was asked to come in Saturday morning for an interview. And it went really, really well! So well in fact, that I was offered the job less than 2 hours after the interview! Awesome! So, I now work for Little Wonders International School as a part time teacher. I'll be starting on Monday! Whew! Only one day between the interview and starting the job! But, the owners of the school seem really nice, so I'm super excited to start! I think Benedict sums up my current euphoria nicely:
After my interview today, I hopped back onto the subway headed towards Sendai station. I grabbed a quick caramel macchiato and headed for my train to head home. The trains, as I mentioned in my past post, have been decorated for the season. They look so pink and pretty on the outside! I took a few photos of today's model, and I apologize for the blurriness! I was bursting with glee at that point, so my hands might have been slightly shaky.
PS. I get to use my blogs 'work' tag again! Oh work tag~ I'm sorry I neglected you all this time. But don't worry~ We'll be seeing more of each other from now one. <3

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