Sunday, May 27, 2012

And it took Lucy about 5 tries to blow the candles out.

So, a lot has happened over the past week! Lucy's 21st birthday soiree and then our adventure to Tokyo! I'm going to update in two parts. So, first off, we had Lucy's birthday on the 20th! We like to throw crazy themed parties here and her birthday was no exception. What kinda crazy theme party, you ask? The BEST kind.
That's right! A TOGA party! Yeeeeah! It was a hoot! I didn't think anyone was going to dress up! I actually had to close that night with our new guy, James, and we were both uncertain of whether people were actually going to wear togas or not. But, upon finishing work and going home, we discovered that togas were on. So, we changed and headed over to ze pub. I have NEVER tied a toga before and it took like 5 tries to get one that was covering and flattering. I think I did ok~
Zoe kept asking people who they were dressed up as. My answer? Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom. (It was a ROMAN toga party!) David's toga made him look like a cave man. Ahahaha. And he wore shorts underneath it, the twit! But, it was awesome. We had a great time. There was lots of talking and photo opportunities. And for some reason, Liam kept lifting his toga up to show off his junk. ...He wasn't wearing underwear. Thankfully, he only did it when I wasn't looking. But, Saitoh-san had my camera after taking a group picture for me and he was following Liam around and snapping pictures. So, I had a lovely photo of Liam's bum on my camera when I got it back. Needless to say, that got deleted right away. Yuck.
 After a while, we brought out Lucy's cake. We didn't know what to make her, since she doesn't overly like sweets, so we have a lemon pound cake made for her. And the pastry department made little chocolate heart messages to decorate it with. It was sweet. When we brought the cake out, we all sang and the candles on top made it look like a torch! It was funny. And it took Lucy about 5 tries to blow the candles out. Ahahaha. We all got a piece and it was really tasty!
Someone produced a pair of birthday cake shades shortly thereafter, and much (slightly dangerous) fun was had.
And then we all just laughed and danced and carried on. It was an awesome night.
No idea whats going on in that last photo, but hey. Whatever. You may have noticed that David changed his toga style halfway through the night. Ahahaha. He opted for a more Roman style toga later. And we matched. Yay! Although, by the end of the night he had gone from Roman to Sith Lord.
Awesome times!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

WHY YES. That IS a cupboard under the stairs!

So, Liam's birthday soiree was a few days ago. He decided on a 'perverts and schoolgirls' theme. Oh boy~ Ahahaha. So, we all got dressed up and headed to the pub. I didn't have much to dress up with, so I opted for the Hufflepuff student look. I think I pulled it off, ok. David decided on a Hugh Hefner look and spent most of the evening staring at my chest. Yep. It was an interesting night. I didn't stay long, though, since I opened the next day.
I didn't take a lot of pictures, since it was a very non-PG party. Ahahaha. Kyosuke-san's patriarch was staying the night, and he bought everyone a free drink. It was rather sweet. And then he and Tonya did some dancing. And Zoe kept calling me David's bunny, so I had to improvise my ears. Lol.
I quite like how my makeup turned out. I did this for the opening night of the final Harry Potter movie and I thought it would be fun to do it again. Turned out better this time, though.
And then, a few days ago I had a fabled DAY OFF! OMG. I was sooo excited. I ended up going on a tour of our new building that day, since I had nothing to do and some of the other staff were going. The new building is called Barracks and it's actually quite nice. It'll be perfect for a Game of Thrones cosplay backdrop. True story. I didn't take many photos of the inside, but I did manage to get a photo of the BEST inside feature of the place! Check this action out.
WHY YES. That IS a cupboard under the stairs! Isn't it amazing? My little Harry Potter fangirl heart beat with joy when I saw that! It's awesome!

So, after that amazingness, we walked about and they explained the facilities and whatnot. David came on the tour too, which was nice. He was working, but Hama sent him. Haruka and Yukichika-san walked with us and it was a laugh. Yukichika-san (Yeye) doesn't speak English as well as Haruka, but he's such a laugh. He almost broke a desk in one of the common areas and he and Michie-san were scrambling to fix it. Lol. But, after the tour inside we went to the lookout. It has the highest lookout point in BH and wow. The view was really nice! I wish my photos did it justice!
We have a new staff member named Karl who got here at the beginning of the month. He's awesome. He's a runner, so we've agreed to run together. We actually went for a run a few days ago and I ran longer and farther than I have on my own! We ran from the parking lot down the road a ways. I looked it up on DailyMile's course tracker thing and apparently we ran just under 2km without stopping! And our pace was good. I was uber excited. Glad to be running again. Then again, I haven't been able to go out the past couple days because it's been rainy and cold. I don't have any waterproof clothing, so I don't want to go out, get soaked and risk getting sick. I have a new jacket coming in the mail soon, thank god. Woo.

David and I went to town a few days ago, too. Got lunch at McDonald's and I tried something new. It was a chicken burger, seasoned with soy sauce, I think. Won't be getting that again. It was pretty gross. Lol. I took a photo from the upstairs eating area, too. It's quite a nice view, actually.
We bought a few groceries and decided to try the 'Smiling Chef' spaghetti. He's a very popular chef in Japan because his food is good and he's a cutie with a cute smile. The food was pretty good, though.
I also wanted to buy some new running socks. I bought 3 pairs from the local sports center and they're cuuute. Comfy, too! Can't wait to wear these for a run.
And, David and I FINALLY won that freaking Hatsune Mike figure from SegaWorld! THAT took a while. It's now sitting on my desk. Quite a cute figure and I'm totally glad we finally won it.
So, that's all from the mountain. Nothing else new, really. I'm going to Tokyo with the girls in a couple weeks. Woooo! Excited for that. And I'm hoping that Karl and I can get another run in tomorrow. We'll see.