Saturday, May 5, 2012

Evangelion figures with purchase of shaving necessities!

Oh my god. I've been sooo busy! I've been opening everyday for about a month and it really tires a girl out! But, I have lots of photos from my past couple weeks. Sooo~

On the 26th, we all went out for dinner. Eriko had offered to take us to see the biggest and oldest Sakura tree in Japan and we were all psyched about it. Sadly, it was rainy and gross out, so we didn't get to go. ;___; But, we went to the local park, so it wasn't a total loss. We went and admired the blossoms in the park in the dark ...for a lark? Ahahaha. But seriously, we had a good time. We walked about for about 20 minutes and I attempted to take some photos. My camera's lack of a night setting that works strikes again!
After that we went and had dinner at a cute little French place in the park. A French restaurant that was playing 99.9 the Fox FM.Or rather, it seemed like it. It was practically the same playlist! The food was EXCELLENT, though! I sat at a table with David, Zoe, Lucy and Holly. Tatsu, Eriko, Brad and Sarah sat at the other table. I had pictures of my table, but they seem to have been deleted. Oh well. I got the tomato basil spaghetti set. It came with a nice salad, a cute dessert and the BEST FREAKING SOUP EVERRRR! Oh man. It was godly! Potato soup with piece of bacon and chicken and yummmmmm. Sooo good!
In other news, I went to town avec David and Gayner on the 1st. Gayner left today to go teach at a preschool in Tokyo! I'm sure she'll be awesome at it. But, we took her out for lunch and spent the afternoon with her. It was nice! We decided to go to Planet for lunch, since we all wanted Italian. And they're food is SOOO good! And on our way over, we spotted the coolest care ever! A Hatsune Miku car! WOAH!
Amazing, eh? I know. I totally want it. So, after staring at the car, we walked to Planet and had lunch. I got my normal carbonera and Gayner got the same. David got pizza. They make awesome pizza, fyi. David let me try a bite. I may get that next time I go. After we were fed and watered we popped to MegaStage for purikura and groceries. I also tried my hand at a few UFO Catchers and I won a plush for Gayner and I!
Before we left, I had to nip over to the drug store to buy some shaving stuff. And lo and behold, there was a free gift with purchase!
Evangelion figures with purchase of shaving necessities! Isn't it amazing! Ahahaha. And then it was time to boogie on home, so we hopped on the bus. I bought a snack for the ride. Butter bread and Lemon iced tea. Yum yum~
On the way back I took some pictures. The blossoms had mostly fallen by the point, but I noticed that most of the rice fields were flooded. In the fall after harvesting, they burn the fields. I think it's traditionally done so that you grow a fresh crop every year. You don't reuse rice plants and you burn the fields every year to get rid of the remains and I think it helps the soil, too. And then, come spring, they flood the soil to make it useable again. Or something like that. Ahaha. Also, May 5th in Children's Day in Japan and people hoist fish flags in honour of it! I found a few already flying, so I took some pictures!
In more recent events, it's currently Golden Week. And I hate it. We have been SOOOO BUSY! Like, sooo busy! It's crazy! I can't wait for it to be over! GAH! Oh well. Sooon. The shop was selling some cute special cookies and stuff in honour of Golden Week and I bought some cute macarons. They were tasty! And they had a jam in the middle instead of cream.
And in Refectory they had a CAKE BUFFET!!! Honestly, BEST IDEA EVER! I went there for lunch one day and it was glorious. And they were playing an English radio station with awesome music. Seriously~ Drive by Incubus, a Bon Jovi song, then Bryan Adams all in a row. Amazing.

-picture goes here after I get it from David's iPod-

And then today, Ayako brought us over caramel pudding! It was so sweet of her! I'm going to eat it after dinner tonight! <3
That's all the news. Although, one other thing happened! We have a new person! His name is Karl and he's awesome. He's about the same geek level as me, so I think we'll get along good. And he wants to starts running again and doesn't mind running with a buddy. Yay! It's so much easier to run with a buddy, you know?

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