Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I made sure to take a bunch of pictures.

It was David's birthday yesterday! Happy birthday sweetheart! I LOVE YOUUUUUUU! <3

For his birthday we decided to get off the mountain and spend the night in town. Because of that, we had all day to do what we wanted. The castle is about a 3km trek from the station and we had time, so we walked on over. Akiko had told me that the castle would be the best place to view the blossoms. On our way, we stopped for lunch at Denny's. It was nice~ I FINALLY tried omurice. It's an omelet with ketchup rice and other stuff inside. Mine was covered in a type of gravy and has cheese and chicken inside. And when I say ketchup rice, I mean they put a dollop of it with the rice and mixed it together before stuffing it inside. Anywho, it was yummy! I just wish they would cook the eggs a little more, but that's how people like it over here. Oh well. Still good! David got the American Club Sandwich and it was tasty, too. And I got fizzy pink lemonade and David got melon soda. Yumyum~~~

After lunch we continued out walk over. It was really pleasant. The weather was nice and warm with a nice cool breeze. Really a good day for a birthday date. And then we got to the castle. It was AMAZING! The blossoms were so lovely! I was hoping we'd be able to go inside the castle, but it's still closed, sadly. And there's still that icky orange barricading fence around it. Bah. Oh well. I made sure to take a bunch of pictures. And David took a bunch as well. I'll have to get them from him later. There were a few different types of blossoms, too. The white ones, white and red ones and pink ones! And a lightish pink kinda, too!
They were so pretty. ;___; After that, we decided to walk on over to MegaStage and do some purikura. Although, on the way I made David stop and snap a photo of me. Just because the area reminded me of Kingdom Hearts. :D And I also spotted some awesome Engrish.
We both laughed when we saw it, too. My feet were really starting to hurt at this point, since I was wearing sandals and heels for the first time this year for longer than 10 minutes. So, David suggested we go stop at McDonalds and get some ice cream. I was totally feeling up for a small break and ice cream is always welcome, so yeah. :D
As we walked to MegaStage we ran into our friend, Reika, too! It was really nice to see her! She commented on my outfit and said I looked like an actress. Eeeeee~! I thought it was really sweet! And she wished David and happy birthday and we chatted for a few minutes. She was picking her daughter up from school. After a few moments, we said goodbye and kept going. I was so excited that David actually agreed to do purikura! Like, woah. That NEVER happens! But still, yay! We did some later on, too, but I only have one photo, so here's both. And I also got another DragonBall Z pop. I got VEGETA this time!
We didn't really have any other plans after that, and I my feet were singing, so we walked back to out hotel and checked in. I was sooo happy to sit down on the bed and take my shoes off! I grabbed a cloth from the bathroom and soaked it with cold water to put on my feet. David brought his laptop, so we just chilled and watched anime for a bit. I also took a power nap, since I was tired from the walk. At about 6:30, we went downstairs for dinner. One awesome thing about the Toyoko Inn is that they provide dinner and breakfast! So, we had curry for dinner. Yay!
After dinner, I changed into something a bit warmer and we walked over to Aeon. (I wore my flats this time, though!) David wanted cake, so we bought some strawberry shortcake and brought it back to the hotel. We also split a scoop of East Egg Hunt ice cream from Baskin Robbins. It was melon flavoured! Yummmmm!
We walked back to the hotel after and saw some more blossoms in the park by the station. Sadly, the gate was closed so we couldn't go in, but I took a few photos outside. And my camera actually worked with night shots for once! They turned out ok!
Back at the hotel, we ate the cake and settled down to a movie. Watched Summer Wars. It's an anime movie, but it was pretty good. David and Matt both told me I would like it, and I did. But yay cake! It was yummmyyyy! Very light and fluffy! I love strawberry shortcake!
And then it was time for a shower and sleep. My god. I slept like the dead. We had originally intended to get up early, partake in breakfast and checkout by about 9am. Boy, THAT didn't happen! I didn't drag myself out of bed until 9:30! And we barely made the 10am checkout deadline! Oh well. We popped out bags in a locker and walked over to MegaStage for groceries and lunch. We ended up eating at Saizeriya. It's good. I like their pasta and it's cheap, too. I got the lunch set. Salad, spaghetti and drink bar for 600yen! Cheeeap! And David split an order of garlic toast with me. He got the pizza lunch set. Yay pasta! And yes, I broke my caffeine detox today. I got Pepsi with lunch. Oh well. I've been really good, so I thought I'd treat myself. I'll be back on the water wagon tomorrow.
We picked up a few groceries and David bought me a new pair of headphones, too. Yay! My old ones were dying. They're old, though, so it's ok. We popped back to the station for the 1pm bus and ran into teacher Sara. Had a nice chat with her and then she metup with Tonya and they went for lunch. David snapped a photo of my outfit for the day. I find that with the nicer weather I wanna dress up more.
And then, just like that, we were home again. It was payday today, so after visiting Kyoko and getting paid I walked over to tearoom. I got Ascot tea and just sat around and read my book. Zoe and Lucy were working, so I chatted with them for a while. Zoe and I are swimming buddies now. Because it's been so foggy, I can't run as much as I'd like. So, I run in the pool instead. We're trying to tone up for World Cosplay Summit. I ordered my cosplays last week. Yay! Can't wait to get them! So, we chatted for a while and then I decided I should go home. But, not before I discovered there were Beatrix Potter books in their little library! I never noticed!
All in all it was an awesome getaway. <3

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