Sunday, April 15, 2012

We both got the ハニートーストセット (honey toast set).

So, Angel left today.

It was kinda sad to drive away from BH with her. But, we had a good time in town. To start, David gave me some money to buy us lunch. We were going to go get conveyor belt sushi, but we ended up going to a cute little cafe by the station.
We both got the ハニートーストセット (honey toast set). It was quite tasty! We got about 4 pieces of toast stack together with honey and ice cream and a small salad. We both got it with tea. It was so filling! And it wasn't drenched in honey, which was nice. Just drizzled enough to give it a sweetness and not be overbearing.
After lunch, we wandered over to MegaStage for a purikura marathon. Angel wanted to do every machine in SegaWorld. So, we sure did. It was fun. Although, by the third one I was done. Ahaha.
And then we both did a round of Project Diva. I've never played, but it was awesome! Usually it's packed and you have to wait a long time to get a play, but there was no one there! So, we went over and played. It was awesome! Kinda reminded me of DDR, but not dancing, obviously. Ahahaha. I chose ココロ (Kokoro) as my song. Awesome!
So, after the purikura marathon, we wandered around MegaStage. I bought Angel a DragonBall Z pop from the vending machine and she FINALLY got the Trunks themed can. I got one, too! I'm going to drink it later. 
And then, it was time to go back to the station. Angel bought her shinkansen ticket and I took a few final pictures.
After that, I saw her over to the shinkansen entry area. I couldn't go up, because I didn't have a ticket. But, I stayed there until she was out of my sight. And then, I walked outside and went for a quick walk so I could wave her off. ...BUT, the shinkansen bound for Tokyo was on the the other side of the tracks! T_____T So, she didn't see me wave! GAH.

Oh well. SO, I had about an hour to kill, so I just walked over to the little park area and sat down and had a bit of a cry. Angel started to cry in the station, but I didn't want to set her off worse, so I tried not to cry until she had gone. Same as when she originally left for Japan. But, oh yeah, I cried after. ;___; On a brighter note, there's a few cherry blossoms in town now! They'll be out in full force for David's birthday!
When I got back to BH, I decided that it would be a good day to go to the tea room. So, I packed up my ebook and wandered over. We had a bunch of Mini Cooper owners at BH today! Sooo many cute cars! I'm jealous!
I ended up ordering Ascot Tea today. It comes with a scone, a piece of quiche and tea. I got the Honey Strawberry tea. It's sooo yummy! It's not too strong, but it's really nice. And David was working, so I convinced him to take a photo avec moi.
Oh! I'm getting back into my running, too! I ran laps in the pool today for about half an hour. And then I went for a run outside for the same length of time! It was fabulous! I feel so good. And I'm using that new Zombies, Run! app for David's iPod. It's amazing! I totally recommend it!

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