Monday, April 9, 2012

It's all delicious and not stomach churning.

Maki-san gave me a half day today! Yay! So, a bunch of us went to town today. We only went for a few hours, but it was ok. Angel and I did purikura at MegaStage and I won myself a cute little cat plushie charm thing.
And there was a really cute poster in the train station advertising an onsen resort, I think. It has an onsen fairy on it! I wish all places actually had an onsen fairy. That would be crazy cute!
We were gonna get parfaits for a snack, but they were really expensive! And we were hungry for more than a parfait, so we got KFC instead. Ahahaha. I still say that the KFC over here is MUCH better than in Canada. Like, soooo much better! It's all delicious and not stomach churning. I got a Wa-Fu Cutlet sandwhich. I think that just means sweet barbeque sauce sandwhich. It was so freaking good!
After lunch, we did some more purikura avec Liam and Zoe. It was hilarious. Angel and I decorated them, but Angel has them and I haven't gotten mine from the sheet yet. I'll post a picture of that, later. It was fun, though. And town was sooo warm today! Like 17°C~! It was glorious! And sunny! And windy... So, I had a LOT of Marilyn moments, sadly. Ahaha...

After we got home, I asked Maki-san to take a few photos for us. We were all jazzed up, anyway. I like this outfit. I may wear it more often. :3

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