Saturday, April 7, 2012

No idea what it's from, but it was cute!

Oh hey y'all~ I forgot I had a blog. AHAHAHAHA.


Anywho~ The past couple weeks have had field trips! Last week the reception staff went to town for Angel's leaving dinner and then yesterday I went to town avec David and George. Good times were had!

So, for Angel's dinner, she decided she wanted okonomiyaki. So, we hitched a ride with Megumi and off we went. It was fun! Maki-san had never had okomiyaki before, though! So, she had no idea what to order and how to make it! Angel taught her and everyone laughed since it was weird for a gaijin to teach her how. Ahahaha. But, it was good! I like okonomiyaki, but in small doses. Maybe twice a year. I've had it 3 times in less than 3 weeks, so I think I'm good. Lol. But yeah, good dinner! I only have one photo and it's of Maki-san!
So, after dinner we drove over to SegaWorld because Angel wanted Team Reception purikura. And she wanted to do two! There were a lot of girls at the purikura booths when we got there. So, we had to wait out turn. But then, it was out turn and we did one. Maki-san had no idea what to do, so we just told her to mimic the example photos. And she got really into it! Lol. And then we all did and there was a lot of shuffling to move about the booth! It was hilarious! We did another one after and we all decorated them. It was awesome! And there was a new booth there. It had some cute English on the side!
And then it was home time. We got a ride back with Haruka, because Megumi can't drive well in the dark. Megumi followed us in her car. It started to snow very heavily when we left Shirakawa! Like, white out conditions! It was horrible! And poor Haruka, she was in her sister's car, so she wasn't used to it! When you get close to BH, there's some really steep hills you have to drive up. And the car just couldn't do it! The car actually stalled! So, we had to drive back down and park in a rest stop area, then Megumi picked us up and drove all of us home. Ahahaha. It was really funny, though!

And then yesterday I went to town with George and David. And they wanted okonmomiyaki for lunch. Go figure. So, they ordered that and I got gyoza. Yum~ George also doesn't usually do pictures, but I coaxed one out of him.
After lunch we wandered about and did some shopping. It was just a nice trip to town. David won a prize for me from SegaWorld. No idea what it's from, but it was cute!
And then it was time for dinner. And for dinner we got SUSHI! Conveyor belt sushi! Yay! It was yummy. I love it. And our special sushi came out on a rocket ship this time! It was so yummy. I ate like 6 plates. Ahahaha. That's a lot. But, at 105yen per plate it's super cheap!
I also took a video to demonstrate the amazingness of conveyor belt sushi. BEHOLD!
Yes. It is just TOO AMAZING. Just sayin~

Anywho, that's it for now.

Oh! I didn't die in that freaking typhoon! It was crazy intense, though! Like, woah! I couldn't believe the winds! I think if I had an umbrella I would've been Mary Poppins!

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