Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And we basically just sat about, talked, carried on (my wayward son AHAHAHAA) and just had a good time.

I treated Angel to a Refectory dinner a few nights ago. She had planned a Princess Party for her goodbye soiree, and everyone was encouraged to get all dolled up and wear dresses. Of course, Angel, I and Talia all had gowns from our (failed) ball plans in January. So, we all wore them and the girls wore dresses or borrowed from us.

But, to start, Angel and I went and did dinner. It was niiice. And the menu was amazing! We had a few schools in that night and some of the girls were going mental over our gowns. They kept calling us 'very beautiful' and asking if we were cosplaying Disney princesses! It was so sweet! A few even asked for photos!
So, we walked into Refectory and everyone was making us feel all special. Talia was our server and she decorated our plates!
Angel got sparkling wine with dinner and I got sparkling grapefruit. Like I said, our menu was amazing! We got the roast beef like normal and there was duck, potato soup and mint sorbet! And more, but those are the things that stick out the most.
Our first course was a kind of pork pate. It was served with bread and fruit and it was really tasty! It was more bland than anything, but it was soft and yummy. And the fruit was awesome. BH doesn't really do a lot of fruit with staff kitchen meals, so yay!
The next course was a duck course! Duuuuck! It was served cold but it was so tasty! There were pickled veggies served with it and they were ok, but I didn't eat them. Ahahaha. I tried the lotus root, though. I get the feeling I might like it if it wasn't pickled.
Yummm. And then it was time for my favourite course. CREAM of POTATO SOUP! YUMMMMMM! It's my favourite thing everrrr! Sooo yummy! I want to learn how to make it so I can have it more often. We specially requested this, too. We both stopped talking while we ate it as fast as we could. Ahahaha.
Next was lamb in a tomato sauce type thing. I'm still not big on lamb, but I ate a few bites to be polite. It wasn't bad, but I just don't like lamb. Bleck.
And I'm sure you're thinking "Wow. She finally remembered to takes pictures of every course!" I'm impressed with myself too, I assure you. <3 So, after lamb was our palette cleanser course. We had mint sorbet. And it was divine. I looove mint!
And then it was time for ROAST BEEEEEF! And it was just as glorious as it always is! Yumyumyum! I almost forgot to take a photo, I was just too eager to eat it!
Oh man. SOOO GOOOOD. I wish I could eat it every night! And then it was dessert time. It was the same as I had last time, but still really tasty. Although, the sad part is that we were laced into our gowns so tightly that we couldn't finish!
And then Zoe and Holly came to visit! Now, Zoe and Holly worked on Disney cruise ships together and they used to do cute napkin things for the kids. And they offered to make us Minnie Mouse napkin bows. Ahahaha. How could I resist? And then they made a Peter Pan hat for themselves!
So after our amazing dinner, we staggered to the second floor to take some photos. We also attempted to use the bathroom. It felt like my wedding all over! Trying to use the facilities in a big gown is not as easy as you'd think!
We then proceeded over to ze Pub for a good party! All the girls came over and were dressed in dresses and the boys came over and we made smores! REAL smores! It was GLORIOUS! YUMMM! I haven't had a smore in like a billion years. Maybe more. It was awesome. And we basically just sat about, talked, carried on (my wayward son AHAHAHAA) and just had a good time. It was lots of fun!

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