Friday, March 16, 2012

And then I saw the glass panels in the floor.

So, I had almost my full Tokyo trip post typed up and then somehow blogspot deleted it. I am NOT amused.

So, to begin with, we ended up taking the night bus. I hate the night bus. I never sleep on the night bus, but Angel insisted on taking it. I slept very little, but we got to Shinjuku at about 5in the morningish. Our hostel didn't open until about 8am, so we spent some time walking about and looking for somewhere to eat breakfast. We ended up going to Doutor. It wasn't bad, but I think what I really wanted was a greasy egg mcmuffin or something. Lol. Anywho~ We both looked like hell, since we didn't sleep much on the bus.
After breakfast, we wandered back to Ninja (our hostel) and checked in. We weren't able to get into our room until 3pm, but there was a common room downstairs and they encouraged us to 'take a rest' downstairs before we went out for the day. Random and off topic, but I love how in Japan they don't say 'take a nap' they say 'take a rest'. It just sounds cuter. Megumi says that to us when we're sick. "Oh, please go in the back and take a rest for a little while." Awwww. <3

So, I took a much needed catnap and then we changed and headed out. Breakfast wasn't very filling, so we decided that we wanted to go to the Alice Cafe for lunch. It was in Shinjuku, so off we went. Holy crap. It's SOOO CUTE! Like, amazingly cute! Although, the butler cafe was even more amazing, but that's not until later in my story.

So, the Alice Cafe was adorable. The decor was really cool! And the waitresses all wore a little Alice costume. Awww. The food was pretty good, too. I got a tomato and shrimp spaghetti and Angel got the teriyaki spaghetti. It came with salad and bread. The salad was really vinegary, but not bad. And the bread was soft and still warm! And it tasted kinda like William's sweet buns. Yummmmm~ I took a photo of their food display, too.
So, at this point we should've been on our way to the palace garden tour. However, it was cold and nothing would be in bloom at the moment. And we probably wouldn't have made it. So, we made other plans. We decided to go to Tokyo Tower! THAT was fun! There's a really big and pretty temple right before the tower, so we walked through on our way.
The tower was really cool! We bought the super tickets. That is, the tickets that give access to both the 150m level AND the 250m level! When we were on the elevator going up Angel started to lose it. The 150m view was really nice! I think it'll look REALLY nice on a sunny day and maybe during Sakura season. So, we got in line to go up to the 250m viewing platform and Angel was shaking like a leaf. Me? I was ALL about going up!
I tried to convince her to come, but to no avail. Angel jumped ship before she could get on the elevator. Oh well. So, I went up by myself. And it was actually probably good she didn't come. On the ride up, there was a recording explaining the safety features and whatnot. It said, "You may experience a small jolt and a clunking noise. This is perfectly normal as it is a saftey feature installed in this elevator." And no sooner had it finished saying that, then there was a loud CLUNK noise and the elevator wibbled greatly. At about 200m above the ground. I think Angel would've fainted dead. But, I made it up no problem and I took a bunch of photos! It was an AMAZING view! And I saw the Gackt recommended second tower! According to Gackt (a Japanese singer), if you look out of a certain window, the streets down below make a second tower! It's even cooler at night, apparently, when you see the red brake lights.
So, after my trip to the top, I met up with Angel back on the first viewing platform. And then I saw the glass panels in the floor. Sooo cool!
Awww yeah! Neat, eh? So we wandered about the floor just looking from all angles. And Angel bought a souvenir photo of us. We're gonna give it to mum, I think. Dunno.
After that excitement, Angel decided that she deserved a crepe for all that trouble. So, we got crepes and sat and admired the tower.
And then, we toddled back to the hostel for a much needed nap. It was glorious. I slept like a baby. But, we only slept for about 2 hours, because after that we were off to Akihabara.

And on that note, it's time for work. So, I'll continue this story tonight. And I'll regale you all with the AMAZINGNESS of the butler cafe! :D

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