Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh, it was beautiful. And delicious!

The weather has been so wonky as of late! It was really snowy maybe a week ago and now its about 10°C. It was so snowy a few days ago, that we'd go for lunch, spend maybe 25 minutes at staff kitchen, and then we'd come back and have to shovel! Keira seems to love shoveling, since she's always shoveling the front of staff house.
So, David, Keira and I went out for a nice Refectory dinner on the 29th. We got all nice and dressed up and it was lovely. I bought a new dress from Liz Lisa recently and I wore it with my brown belt. I thought I looked pretty good~ And I loaned my blue gown to Keira. :D

Keira also told us to take a 'snobby British people' picture. Ahahaha.
Dinner was nice, though! I took a photo of the menu, so you can see how fancy it was.
The first course was air dried Ezo venison. I forgot to take photos of about half the courses. Sorry. But, the venison was weeeeird! It was air dried, right? So, it was technically raw. Yick. The texture of it was just too weird. And the taste was kinda icky, too. Bleck. And then after that, it was foie gras with like a mushroom thing going on. Didn't care much for it, either. Ewwwww. The third course was a consumme soup. It was pretty nice. 
After that it was a tomato chicken thing. It was ok. It was a million degrees, though! And very tomato-y! I kinda think it needed cheese. Lol. I didn't eat all of it, since it was such a huge portion. And it was too hot, anyways. Lol.
The sorbet was tasty! It was our palette cleanser between the other courses and the roast. We had mint sorbet. David doesn't really like mint, so he gave me his. Yay!

And then it was time for ROAST BEEF! YUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM! Oh, it was beautiful. And delicious! Yummmmmmmm. I can't wait for Angel's dinner, because that means I get it for dinner again! Yay! And Kaz came out and carved it for us. It was cooked perfectly. And all I had to do was speak firmly to it and it fell apart. I kinda wish I was eating it again right now.
Dessert was pretty good, too. It certainly looked fancy! It was a strawberry and pistachio mousse and then sour cream sorbet. It sounds weird, but it totally worked. By this point, I was sooo full! I only ate a bit of dessert and had a tea and I was stuffed!
After dinner we went upstairs to take a few photos, since we were all fancied up. We giggled for most of the photos, though, hence the funny faces.
So, all in all it was a really good night. Hopefully next time we do refectory dinner we'll get that potato soup again. Oh man, was it ever good.

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