Thursday, March 22, 2012

The song so amazing that we weren't able to sing half of it.

I just bought a few things online. More Liz Lisa dresses! All the dresses! All of them! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
...Well, actually, no. I bought 2 sundresses and a cute pen. And I bought a dress from another shop, Secret Magic. And after buying those, I remembered that I had photos to update my blog with. So, hi.

We went on a karaoke party with Michie-san recently. On the 20th it was a bank holiday in Japan ("Shunbun no Hi" which is basically a Spring Equinox day) and we ended up going out for dinner and then karaoke after. It was really sweet of Michie-san to organize this all for us! And she's just the cutest lady on the planet! We all love her. I worked until 5 and everyone was going to town at 4, so Michie-san arranged for a taxi for me, David, Zoe and Talia! We left BH at about 6pm and got to DoTonBori at about 6:35. Faaast!

So, we started out at DoTonBori for okonmomiyaki. David and I split a pizza one and got gyoza, too. And wow! It really DID taste like pizza! True story! It was crazy! And delicious! Michie-san got yakisoba (fried noodles) and she insisted on sharing with us all. She didn't eat the meat in it, either, so she told us to eat it. The food was all really good! We had to sit at two different tables, though, since they were busy. I sat at a table with David, Angel, Holly and Michie-san!
After dinner we walked over to Big Echo. It's basically about a 45 second walk from one place to the other. We got a really good deal, too! Michie-san haggled with them before we got there and it turned out to be 2 hours with unlimited drinks for 2,000yen. And that's unlimited alcoholic drinks, too. I didn't drink, but I got fancy drinks! I also got a plate of chocolate french toast, since dinner didn't fill me up.
We sang a lot! I looove karaoke! It's always a laugh! Angel and I did our traditional rendition of It's a Sin by the Pet Shop Boys and I think Liam recorded it on his iPhone. He hasn't posted it to facebook, though. But, when he does, I'll swipe it! I also sang If I Had a Gun by Noel Gallagher and Two Become One by the Spice Girls. And Angel and I sang I'll Make a Man out of You from Mulan! AHAHAHAHA! It was hilarious! I like the songs where everyone sings! We sang a lot of Bon Jovi, actually. Ahahah.
And then, David found it. The song so amazing that we weren't able to sing half of it. Oh yeah. That's song?
That's right! Cha La Head Cha La! From Dragon Ball Z! It was amazing. We all belted it out. Even Michie-san was singing it! And actually, she sang My Endless Love and another song by Sarah Brightman and it was the cutest thing EVER! Seriously. Awwww. And it was really funny seeing her drinking beer from one of those huge pint mugs. Lol.
By the end of the night we were all super happy. The boys kept singing Linkin Park and DragonQuest and other random stuff. Lol. But, still. Good times!
And then we went home. It was an awesome night. We caught a taxi bus home and just all chatted and had a good time. Holly sat in the back with David and me. I love Holly. She's a sweetie. Also, we decided that David should try on the tiara Angel bought me for our princess dinner.
Isn't he cuuute?

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