Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We had a bit of a date.

Went to town with Keira yesterday. I wanted to take her out for lunch in honour of her up coming departure. It was nice~ We had a bit of a date.

I told her to pick where we went, so we went to a little cafe called Planet. It was about a 20 minute walk away from the station. We took the long way there and discovered a shortcut when we walked back to the station. We saw a really cute snowcat while we were walking, too! It was melting, but still cute!
Cute, eh?

Well, like I said, we ate at Planet. And we both got carbonara for lunch. We had such a hard time with the menu! It was all in katakana which should've been ok. However, it was all handwritten! And the handwriting was pretty cramped and messy! Oh no! So, we sat and puzzled over it for about 10 minutes before we decided on that. It just seemed the easiest route. My katakana is pretty good, but it's hard to read that menu! Oh well. The waitress asked us about 3 times if we were sure that we wanted that. And then asked it egg was ok in the dish. Well, we both said yes, because we thought it was egg IN the dish. Turns out, it was egg on TOP of the dish. Like, soft boiled, I think. It's pretty popular over here to put a raw/soft boiled egg on top of certain dishes. Well, we just kinda scooped it off and ate the pasta. And man, it was gooood! Yum yum! And the perfect portion size, too.
So, after lunch, we just kinda wandered. We did some awesome purikura. I love doing purikura. I bought a cute new pair of shoes from Honey's and we bought some groceries. We also bought a snack for the way home. I got curry pan (curry bread) and a coke. Yummm~ Curry pan is the best idea EVER!
We had a nice day. I'm really sad that Keira's leaving. She's like my best friend on the mountain. She reminds me a lot of David, but female. Maybe that's why we all get along so well. But still. I'm going to miss her!

But, in any case, we got back to the bus with plenty of time. I also noticed a funny poster in the station about smoking. They change these about once a season and they're always really good.
All the Japanese staff are studying hard for their TOEIC tests. Even the bus staff are taking it. So, Keira and I sat up with the bus driver while we waited for our guests and chatted with him. He's really sweet. He gave us some candy yesterday, actually. His English isn't as good as most of the other staff, but he's trying really hard! So, I hope he does well

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