Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm sure it was a full of sugar.

So, I'm now an official, card carrying fangirl. I joined the Arashi fanclub last month and my membership her been processed. I just got my first newsletter and my OFFICAL card! Yeah! Too bad it's all in Japanese, but that gives me more incentive to learn. And being in the fanclub means I have a chance of getting VS Arashi tickets. (It's a game show Arashi hosts.) It also gives me a better chance to get concert tickets, if they have a tour before I go home.
I'm sure I can trust you all to NOT go posting my member number around the internet. (Well, anymore than I'm doing.) And I already sent in my entry for VS Arashi tickets for March 27th. It's a lottery system. But, wish me luck!

I took a few pictures of the manor house recently, seeing as it's so pretty. Angel asked me to take a few photos for her, so I was there anyway. I guess I'm just used to it, but it really is a pretty place. There's so much detail and it can be really nice to just go in with a book and read upstairs in the hallway. I did that recently on a dead day and it was glorious.
And I really love the bathroom in the Queen's Room. It's perfect. I want MY bathroom to look like that when I get my own house.
So, Keira's leaving party was a few nights ago. I wasn't supposed to go, since I was supposed to close that night. But, Megumi had scheduled both Haruka and me to close, and since it was dead, I was allowed to go home early! Yay! It was an awesome night. We all went down to town and hung out in an izakaya (Japanese bar). The drinks were pretty good, apparently. I didn't drink, but I keep ordering this really fun green fizzy drink. It had sherbert in it and you were supposed to mix it together. Tasted kinda like the candy, Rockets. I'm sure it was a full of sugar. Lol. Angel, Brad, Holly, Aya David and I shared a table. Aya is so sweet! She's one of the chefs and she's so much fun! And she can make the tiniest paper cranes! The littlest one sat on my pinky finger! The food could've been better. We weren't served very much, but we did get a huge mound of edamame when we started (steamed soy beans with salt). I looove edamame! And then we all went out and did purikura! It was awesome!
Tokyo sooon! Angel and I are going on the 8th! So excited! And Zoe is coming back to BH! YAY! I'm super happy about that! I missed her!And I updated the layout. Not as SUPEROMG perky as the last, but I thought the colours looked good for winter. <3

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