Thursday, February 9, 2012

And all 3 days my alarm clock didn't go off!

Angel and I went to town a few days ago. It was fun! We never get to go to town together, so we made a day of it. We spent most of the day at Aeon. When we got there, we went straight for lunch. We got KATSU CURRY for lunch! Yuuuuuummmmmm! It was sooooo good! If I could eat it everyday, I'd be a happy muffin. <3

And then we walked about for a little while. Checked out Paddy's and then went to the UFO Catcher area. They had BUTA USAGI'S! (Pig Bunny.) Like, BIG ones! And medium sized! I already have the cell phone sized charm hanging from my camera, but I wanted to get another one. So, I tried for the monster size one. And lost. And then I tried for the medium sized and won! Yay! It's hanging off my purse currently. And it has a bow on it's ear! So, I'm thinking I'll name this one Mio, since my little bitty one is named Ren. Awwww. <3 I convinced Angel to play for one, too. Now, I just need to get her to watch the drama they go with. (Ikemen Desu Ne is the drama. I posted about it back in like October. Lol.)
We got ice cream at Baskin Robbin's after that. They have a big strawberry promotion going on, so we indugled in the crazyness. Angel got a strawberry cheesecake cone and I got the strawberry chocolate brownie cup. They were amazing. I accidentally managed to order 2 scoops. Dunno how I did that. o__O But, it was still delicious!
I also just realized that I don't have any pictures of me from our trip. ;___; And I looked all cute, too! Well, I have the purikura, at least. Yes. We did purikura And it was fun like always. XD
So, we continued to wander Aeon for a bit. I bought myself a new handtowel. It has Jiji on it! I love Jiji! I've decided that while I'm here, I'm going to collect Kiki's Delivery Service things. Especially Jiji themed things. <3
So, after walking about Aeon, we noticed that we still had about an hour and change to kill. We decided that a cup of coffee would be awesome and so we popped over to Doutor. We each got the ケーキセット (cake set). <3 I got a latte with a milk crepe cake. It was literally a cake made of whipped cream and crepes. XD It was really tasty, though. And rather light, too.
And a few days ago I had to open, and when I went to punch in there was canned coffee at the time clock! Lucky! Megumi said it is good. And it's not black, it comes with milk and sugar. Yay. I'm saving it for when I open next. Also, someone went to Tokyo recently and brought us all back Tokyo Banana. I got a chocolate one. It's sooo good! I love Tokyo Banana! <3
Oh, and here's a random story for everyone. So, I opened the past 3 days in a row. (Although, I'm off today.) And all 3 days my alarm clock didn't go off! True story! I use my computer as my alarm. I have a task set to turn a certain song on at a certain time. So, I usually wake up to my favourite song of the moment. (Currently it's "Release Me" by Mae.) The first day, it went off, but the volume was down so it was practically muted! And the second day I had it all set, but I forgot to enable it! And yesterday the program it runs on was still open, so it didn't go off! BAH! I managed to get out of bed each day and punch in on time, but still! And when I told Maki-san about my alarm troubles, she just laughed and said: "Oh darling~ Maybe your alarm is made in China, yeah?" And then we both laughed.

David went to Koriyama with George, Tatsu, Talia and Tonya a day or so ago. He left without telling me and I thought he was supposed to be home all day! I got home from work and couldn't find him anywhere! It was kinda worrying. He got home at about 6pm, much to my relief. And he ended up picking me up something while he was out shopping.
Yay! I've wanted this figure for aaages! I used to see it at Anime North, but it was always so expensive that I never bought it. But, David found it for like 1200yen, so he picked it up for me. Yay!

So, coming up tomorrow I have a lunch date with Reika-san and some of her girlfriends. That'll be fun! And then on the 11th there's a candle festival in Aizu, so we're all going to see it. I'll take pictures! <3

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