Saturday, January 28, 2012

My room always has excellent icicles.

So, we finally got our Christmas package from mum! And it had SIDEKICKS in it! Oh  em gee! I was so excited to see them! Angel and I shared a package of the Parmesan noodles last night. Yummmmm! And we added extra cheese. And watched Winter Wrap Up whilst eating. It was GLORIOUS! Just sayin~ I'm really excited to eat my Three Cheese kind. <3
Yay! In other news, HOLY SNOW, BATMAN! I went to bed last night and it wasn't bad. And then I woke up and went to work this morning and there was sooo much snow! We got like a foot overnight. Easily. It's crazy! And the icicles are back on the houses. My room always has excellent icicles. I guess it's because David and I keep our room rather warm. Oh well~ It looks cool. I had to shovel the steps today and there was just so much snow! It would've probably taken me about 45minutes by myself. As it was, Richard, Ceed and Mikako came out to help me. It was awesome of them. We got it done in about 15 minutes. :D
And there's been lots of people coming back from trips, recently! Haruka from the shoppe went to Turkey recently and brought back cookies. They kinda tasted like a mix of Arrowroot and Graham crackers. Yumm. And Ceed went to visit Yamagata and brought back juice for everyone. Ceed used to live there, so she travels a lot and always brings back their juice. Yummm.

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