Monday, January 23, 2012

Call me crazy, but that note doesn't exactly inspire much confidence.

Ahhhh~ Nice clean room. I spent most of this afternoon cleaning my room and re-organizing. I never really realized how much stuff I've acquired since I got here. Ahahaha. I took a few photos of my toys and also a photo of my corkboard. I put newspaper clippings, magazine cutouts, and other stuff on there. It's kinda fun to display my likes that way.
Ahhh yeah~ :D
And I intend to keep adding to my collection. Muahahahahaha!

In other news, it's STILL ridiculously snowy here! It snowed a few days ago for like 3 days straight. And it was easy to shovel, but it was insane how much snow was dumped on us! I took a few pictures last night when I went to visit Angel. Now, as usual the photos aren't very good. Sorry. I took a few good photo's of our icicles, though! God damn! They're MASSIVE! Impressive, really. But still!
I went and bugged Angel for a bit last night. And there was a fire going, since it was a weekend. It was nice. We chatted for a while, and then Angel trudged off to stack wood. It's one of our jobs at reception, and we hate it! It's fun to have a fire, but not fun to stack wood. Lol. At least she didn't have to go stock wood with Maki-san. We had to drive over to the pub, grab wood, drive over to the sports wing and unload it, and then repeat. We drove a golf cart. And by 'we' I mean me. Lol. Maki-san asked me to help her stack wood and I asked if I could drive as a joke, and she said, 'Yes darling!' Yep. Good times. It was a laugh and a half. I didn't have my camera, since I was working, but I snapped a photo of Angel stocking wood.
And then I came home and popped to the kitchen to grab a mug and there were snacks on the table.
Call me crazy, but that note doesn't exactly inspire much confidence. Lol. I didn't end up trying one, because I wasn't really hungry. But, they were gone today, so I guess someone ate them.

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