Sunday, April 22, 2012

I hate all of them, just sayin'.

Ahhhh~ Spring is coming~! Time to wrap up winter! <3
Yay for new layouts!

So, a couple days ago, I was invited to a work soiree. We have new staff and the reception and hotel operations departments decided to host a party for them. We all had dinner together at the pub. I was the only gaijin there. It was kinda awkward, but the food was good! And Akiko was sitting with me and she did her best to chat with me and make me feel more welcome. I forgot to take my camera, but it was good! Everyone was getting sooo drunk, though! Like, woah. When Japanese folk drink, their faces go red. Like, lobster red. It's crazy! I did get a picture of what I wore, though. I thought I looked cute. I was sooooo full, though! There was sooo much food!
In other news, there's a wedding fair going on right now at BH. Shige's been holding a LOT of meetings with couples. There's also a display of wedding gowns upstairs. I took some photos. I hate all of them, just sayin'. The groom's outfit looks sooo much better than the bride's! And now, without further ado, I present the wedding gowns.

The yellow one reminds me of a ballroom dancer's gown. It's more of a Belle's gown gold, but my flash was wonky. But yeah, not a fan of any of them, really. Ahahah... I wish we had the gowns the last bride wore. She looked stunning. I wish I had've taken a photo of her. She was lovely. <3

David agree's with my assessment, though. And he agree's that the men's outfits are better.
He's so cute. :3

So, for David's birthday, we're going to spend a night in town and go look at the sakura blossoms! Apparently, the castle has the best viewing area. We're both uber excited! And then on the 26th, Eriko is going to take us to see the oldest and biggest sakura tree in Japan! Eeeeeee! I can assure you that I will have LOTS of photos!

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