Sunday, March 10, 2013


Well, it's been a quiet 2 weeks, really. I've been feeling quiet homesick as of late, so I think that's been interfering with my desire to post. Feeling better now, though. I still wanna go home for a visit, but I'm not feeling so depressed anymore. A week ego I was on the verge of tears almost constantly, but now I think I'm ok~

So, at the end of February I was invited out to dinner with my friend Tam and her international friends. We went out to a Korean place for dinner and it was a lot of fun! I've never eaten Korean food before, so I was super excited to give it a bash. I met a bunch of really nice people and the food was really nice! I got the kimchi fried rice and they included a bowl of pepper soup. Yum yum!
A few days after the dinner I was really wanting homemade chocolate chip cookies. We don't have an oven in our apartment, but we do have a toaster oven. Mum had told me that a toaster oven works just as well for baking, so I gave it a try. They turned out pretty good for a first try! I ended up making about 6 and then I froze the batter for another day. The batter froze really well, too. I've made cookies like 3 times this month already. XD
We went out a few days ago to see Oz the Great and Powerful. It was pretty good~ And Bruce Campbell was in it. So, that automatically makes it awesome. Hahaha. We popped into the Game Station at Aeon before we caught the movie and I saw this in one of the UFO Catchers.
A LIGHTNING SABER! 8D Hahaha. I also saw a few ads for movies that are incoming. PreCure is the big thing right now for little girls in Japan. It's like Sailor Moon, but even more popular and has a bajillion incarnations. I also found a poster for Platina Data~ It's Nino's new movie. I hear it's good, so I may go see it.
I went and had a checkup done recently. I'm healthy and good to go, apparently. I also had blood tests done for the first time ever. THAT was scary. I've never had blood taken before, so I was shaking while the nurses were getting my arm ready. They were really sweet, though. And they spoke basic English and I tried basic Japanese, so it all went well. I got the test results yesterday and I'm perfectly fine. Wooo~ They're going to do a test to tell me my blood type and I can pick that up on Tuesday. Kinda excited to find that out. Blood types are a big thing in Japan, so it'll be neat to see what mine is.
I bought myself a treat on the way home from my check up. The box was cute, so how could I resist? It's like a crunchy chocolate covered cookie thing. Yum yum~ Goes good with coffee!
David has the weekend off, so yesterday we went on a day trip to Tagaj┼Ź. We spent most of the day just wandering about the town. David works there, so we knew where the local Black Shop and Aeon was, but aside from that we were in the dark. We grabbed lunch at McDonalds and walked over to the ruins of a major temple. It was very empty, truth be told. Hahaha. There was like nothing there. XD There was a cute little temple across the road, though, so we took a few photos.
And now, I'm off to do some trip planning. David offered to send me to Tokyo for a mini vacation next month. He says I need an adventure. I have some friends in Tokyo that I'd love to visit, so I think I'm going to take him up on the offer. I'll have to do some budgeting and whatnot, though, so we'll see what happens. I have the best hubby in the world. <3

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