Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And yes, that IS a shinkansen pillow!

David and I went on an exploring date a few days ago~ It was nice. David had a half day last Friday, so we met each other in Sendai and went out for the afternoon. Usually when we go to Sendai, we have a plan or we just stick to the arcade. However, on Friday we didn't really have a plan, so we walked around the downtown area instead. It was nice~ We didn't really go anywhere, but it was nice just to be out and about.
Having done some exploring, we found a small cafe so I could grab a late lunch. David had eaten on the train into Sendai, but I hadn't, and I was starving. We passed Caffe Veloce while we were out and popped in for a bite/ I got the mixed sandwiches and an iced milk tea.
So, we wandered into the arcade on our way back to the station and made a pit stop into the Game Station. They had some really cute things this time! I took a few pictures of the prizes I liked best~ (And yes, that IS a shinkansen pillow!) I usually have really bad luck with UFO catchers, but I actually won something! A Powerpuff Girls x Vocaloid collab keychain! Woo!
We stopped by McDonalds in our local mall on our way home and when we took a seat I noticed that someone got creative with their garbage!
So, I really wanted to get a Disney Mobile phone. Sadly, that didn't happen thanks to our visas only being 1 year currently. But, not to worry~ They store was having a sale on their accessories, so I picked out a new phone strap. The letter A decorated to be like Minnie. The girl who was helping us was actually the same person who helped me get my phone setup. She's really sweet and her English is quite good. She was asking if we liked Disney and she and I got talking about Tokyo Disney~ After buying my charm, she also gave me a cute hair tie as a gift!
On Friday night I stayed up late chatting with a friend and had to take the garbage out at about 3am. (Our apartment doesn't like people putting garbage out until the early morning.) I opened the door and looked out and a sea of white met me eyes. It was snowing. BIG TIME. Like, blizzard like, white out conditions. It was crazy! It had come totally out of left field, too! I tried to take a few photos, but as ever, this was the best I could get. I could have taken a video, but David was sleeping.
So, on the 18th, we went grocery shopping and I found them: ENGLISH MUFFINS! How did I never notice these before!? I was so freaking excited to find them, let me tell you~ And the tasted just like... well, just like English muffins! I was sooo happy! I ate them for breakfast for a couple days. I also picked up this seasonal milk tea~ It's special for sakura season. It was really nice! Sweet and light!
And for dinner last night I made stir fry. But, we did some proper investigating in the produce area and came across a mixed bag of cabbage, bean sprouts, mushrooms and carrots. Perfect! I grabbed some chicken and a red pepper and we were set! Dinner cost about 400yen and we had leftovers~ Awesome!
And sadly, for those who were paying attention, I've had to put my running on hold. The weather has been waaay too sporadic for running. Icy one day, snowy the next. The ground isn't safe to run on, so I have to literally cool my heels and wait. Sigh. But, as soon as it all melts, I'll be out there pounding the pavement again!

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