Monday, February 11, 2013

Didn't win anything, but I found 悪ノ娘 (Daughter of Evil) music boxes!

Oh man~ Friend Keira is returning to Japan tomorrow for 3 months! She's going to be studying Japanese in a school in Nagoya. I'm super excited. Nagoya is a lot closer than British Columbia. We've got plans to go on a few small trips while she's here. I've missed her~ She was my best friend at British Hills.
So, I bought some Pocky recently. I like to try the different flavours that come out every once in a while. There are the normal flavours like chocolate and strawberry, but they also introduce random flavours and seasonal flavours, too. I saw this one and thought I'd give it a bash. Matcha Chocolate Pocky. Yum yum~ I looove matcha. David wasn't so keeon, but that's cool. More for me!
We also bought a treat from the bakery in Aeon recently. They had their baked goods on sale, so we thought why not? I bought a doughnut. It's cute, eh?
The sakura flavoured drinks and treats are starting to make their appearance, too. I picked up some Sakura&Peach tea recently and it was quite tasty! The after tastes was interesting, but not in a bad way. I'll probably buy a bunch before the season ends. It'll probably only be available for a couple months.
David and I went on a little date a few days ago. We wanted to check out The Mall in Nagamachi. The Mall has 2 parts and it's pretty nifty! Lots of cool stores and even a Disney Store! We spent the afternoon wandering about in there and we checked out the Xebio Sports store too, since we were in the area. Nagamachi is the last stop on the Airport Access line before going into Sendai, so it was easy to get to. It's a cute little city! We're gonna go back on one of David's days off and explore. We also grabbed dinner while we were out from a cute Italian place. I meant to take a photo, but I forgot. I got the tomato and mozzarella cream pasta and David got the mushroom pizza. I also got an iced peach tea, which was really nice!
Once we were back in Natori, we decided to pop over to Sega World. Didn't win anything, but I found 悪ノ娘 (Daughter of Evil) music boxes! 悪ノ娘 is a Vocaloid song that's sung by Kagamine Rin and Len. (The twins.) I was reall hoping to win one for me and Angel, but no dice. Oh well. maybe next time~ They had one for The Lunacy of Duke Venomania, as well. That's the purple dude.
After our crushing defeat at the UFO catchers we popped over to Max Value to grab a few groceries. I've been meaning to give Japanese puddings a try for ages and I found one on sale, so I picked it up. The taste was ok, but the textures was really off putting. Kinda powdery almost. I wasn't a fan. But, then again, I DID buy the 77yen product. I'm sure the more expensive ones will be better, so I won't give up on them entirely, yet.
I went into Sendai on Saturday to meet up with my friend Hope. We met at Starbucks and just chilled and chatted. It was nice. Hope doesn't live in Sendai~ She lives in Fukushima, so she only comes in about once a month. I got a chai latte and a ham sammich for lunch while we were out. Yum~
I also snapped a photo of David yesterday. He had the most magnificent bed head I've ever seen.
And now, for my running report~
So, as stated in my last post, I am getting back into running. I set the 1st of February as my Start Day. And, I've been doing much better than I anticipated. On the 1st, I went out for a run just to see where I was at endurance wise and failed miserably. I have a problem with pacing myself~ I always run too fast. And when you're running along and listening to Katy Perry, it doesn't help. So, basically I ran to fast and got winded rather easily. I couldn't even run a full KM. So, I tried to start the couch to 5k that night and it was waaaaaay too easy. Like, way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy. So, I changed my strategy. On the 3rd when I went out, I loaded up my iPod with Vinyl Cafe stories. And that seems to be the trick! Music constantly changes beats and I unconsciously match them when I run. However, Stuart McLean is just talking, so I run at my own pace! I've gotten up to running about 2 miles continuously! Woo! My goal for this upcoming week is to continue to get comfortable with 2miles and then run 3 or 4 miles on the weekend. I'll let y'all know how I do~

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