Sunday, February 17, 2013

So, needless to say, I bought them.

So, Valentine's has come and gone. Ours was pretty quiet, as David was working, but we had a nice evening at least~ I made chocolate for David and it turned out really well this year! I tried a couple different things. I made molded chocolate, melted some and poured it into premade cookie cups and tried a recipe for nama choco. And I made sure to wrap it up all prettylike, too. The molded chocolate turned out nice! I made Mickey heads. Heehee~ The nama choco was just a simple recipe I found online. Melting chocolate and mixing it with a little fresh cream to give it a smooth taste and texture. And I sprinkled hot chocolate on top just for looks. The cookie cups were premade, so that made that easy. David liked the cookie cupped chocolate best~
In Japan it's more common for girls to give chocolate or gifts in Valentine's and boys give back on March 14th (White Day). As such, I wasn't expecting anything, but David bought me some chocolate, too! Sweet~!
We bought bentos for dinner a few nights ago on a whim. We don't usually get bentos because they tend to be expensive, but we bought them when they were on sale, so score! David got curry and I picked up a chicken tartar box. Basically, chicken strips covered in tartar sauce and some rice. It was really tasty! Usually bento chicken is kinda questionable, but they used really nice pieces for this.
I met David in Sendai on Friday afternoon. We decided to meet at Starbucks, so I got there about an hour early to just relax with a drink and my kobo. I got my chai latte and a sakura macaron. Yummmm~ And after a little while, they came out and offered some samples around. Currently, Starbucks is doing a sakura themed line. They had Sakura White Hot Chocolate for the sample. It's really nice! Not too super sweet and a good tastes for the season.
Oh yeah, I got a phone. Finally~~ That's it up there with the cute Pikachu phone charm.

We got lunch in the station and just wandered about that afternoon. It was nice to have a lazy date~ It was raining, so we didn't walk around much outside. We stuck to the shopping arcade and a few other shops. We stopped in at a hobby/toy store so David could pick up a stand for his new Gundam model and while we were there the fire alarm went off! I had no idea what the alarm was for, so one of the employees came over and explained that there was a fire downstairs and we had to vacate the building. Turns out, there was no fire. Someone pulled the alarm by accident. Hahaha. The didn't kick us out entirely, we all huddled in the entryway so as to avoid the rain outside. It was kinda random~ But, David got his stand and I actually found a set of Vocaloid music boxes! David and I tried really hard to win them in Sega World and had no luck, but we found the set for about 3,000yen. So, needless to say, I bought them. They're really pretty~ The music that they play is really nice.
And wanna know what else was awesome? When we got home, we had mail waiting for us! Mum's Christmas package finally got here. Wooo! There was a package of eggnog mix, some candy canes and some money in cards from mum and papa. There was also a calendar of Canadian places that David's been showing his students. I was beginning to think it'd never get here! I can't wait to crack the eggnog mix open, though~ I'm hoping that if I mix it with a chai latte, I can make myself a cheggnogg latte! Cheggnog lattes are my favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks~ And they don't have eggnog in Japan. Oh well. We'll see how that turns out.
So, yesterday while David was working, I went out to Aeon Mall just to do some window shopping and maybe grab a drink from the Bux. Maaan, was it ever BUSY! There was a line out the door at Starbucks and the sitting area was chocablock full, so scratch that idea! I went into a few shops and did some window shopping. I met one of our neighbours, too, actually! A girl named Chihiro, who works in one of the stores I like. I was attempting to chat with one of her coworkers and then she came over and asked if we lived in the LeoPalace apartments near the gas station and Max Value and then introduced herself and told me she lives on the first floor. She was really sweet and I told her to come see me if she wants to practise her English at all~ So, after looking around, I went to the grocery store and just bought a coffee from there. I tried a Cocoa Latte, which was practically just chocolate milk. It was tasty, though. I just wish there was some coffee in it. Lol.

And I keep meaning to take a photo of this, but there are ducks that live in the river by Aeon Mall. Ducks and cranes, actually. There's a whole flock of them and they're really cute! They have been there all winter, just chilling in the river. I keep meaning to take a picture of them all, but usually I'm too cold to stop. I stopped yesterday, though!
And as for today, we went out for dinner. We really like this Italian place in Aeon Mall, so we went there and got the dinner for 2 set. Pizza, pasta, salad and a drink for each for about 2,500yen. I was investigating the menu and I noticed that whoever made the English menu must've had my sense of humour.
And then before we left, I popped up to the Bux and got my drink. I also indulged and bought myself a tumbler. I've missed having one and this season's selection is quite pretty. Lots of sakura themed things. I bought a tall sized tumbler and ordered a sakura white hot chocolate and got my drink for free. Awesome!

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