Monday, July 29, 2013

I felt pretty damn awesome.

Ah~ It's been busy! David went to Aomori this week and took his lappy with him, so I had no chance to make my weekly post. Oh well~ Anywho, we had summer school this past week at school and it was crazy! I'm very glad to be back to my normal routine! Last weekend (not the one that just went by, the one before) I went out with my friend Kazue~ She took my to one of the big outlet malls. It was freaking huuuge! It actually looked like a castle and there's a really fancy hotel right near there, too~ We might go back for high tea sometime!

As I said, last week was summer school at work. There were 6 days total, but 2 days per theme, so 3 themes. The all encompassing theme was Eras in Time. So, we ended up with a Stone Age day, Victorian Day and Space Age Day. It was a stressful week, bu the kids had fun, so it was successful.
I forgot to take a photo of the space day~ Sorry. On the first day, one of my students brought us in a gift! Her father had gone on a business trip and brought us back omiyage! I think he went to the States, but I wasn't told. Anywho, he brought us back a case of Acai berry juice! That was thoughtful! It tasted great, too~
Oh, and yes, that IS Captain Caveman you see up there on the Stone Age display! I giggled like a twit when I saw that. X'D
Since David was off in Aomori for half the week last week I was cooking for myself. And what did I rustle up after a long day at work? Ahhh yeah~ Iron Man cup noodle! It was spicy and had little stars in it. Yummm~
I also visited Starbucks a bit more than usual~ Azusa was happy to see me, since she's been busy as of late. She even wrote my name on my cup! ...Well, she tried. I think it's cute, to be honest~
So, on the final day it was Space themed. On the final day of summer school we let the kids decorate the paper we used for our game. They drew cute aliens on it. I drew a Dalek and a TARDIS. Yep. I'm awesome.
After school that night David picked me up and we went out. We spent some money in Sega World and won a few things~ I won a cute Eevee statue that I forgot to take a photo of and an Asuka figure from Evangelion that I will probably end up giving to Jake. Oh, and a pair of cute Alice in Wonderland themed bag charms. We also won the COOLEST watch ever. I'm in love~ It's huge, but I adore it.
After that we went and did 2 hours of karaoke~ We've gotten into the habit of singing almost ALL Disney songs. It's AWESOME. I sang a Takarazuka song this time, too. I felt pretty damn awesome. No videos this time, but next time we go I'll take a couple and upload them. And the last song of the night? Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. And to make it even more awesome, they showed concert footage as the video fore that song! I was so freaking happy!
So, Sendai celebrates Tanabata later than most of Japan. It's being celebrated on August 6-8th this year. As such, everyone is starting to decorate! There's a bamboo tree in the station and anyone can write a wish tag and hang it. I wrote mine on my way to work yesterday.
Sendai station is all fancy now too, of course.
On my way home from work today I had to run a quick errand for work, so I popped into the Disney Store while I was in town. Did you know that August 8th is apparently はちみつの日 or Honey Day? I had no idea, but there you are!
I picked up a few small things, like a button for my bag and a new muffler towel. I also picked up some cold tumblers for David and I~ They have a nifty little ice thing in the center to keep the drink cold without diluting it. Cool~ I'll definitely use it at work, so awesome.
Oh, and I got a birthday gift in the mail! Suzi sent me a purse! And OH MY GOD. It's my the Wonder Woman purse I had back in high school! I used to love this purse and I was so sad when it died! I almost cried when I opened the package and saw it! But, I laughed with joy instead. Hahaha. It's amazing!

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