Thursday, October 31, 2013

And I selected the Donald Duck milk tea.

So, Angel has been harassing me to make another blog update. Sorry it's taken so long~~ Nothing really interesting has happened, truth be told. But, here we go~

I guess, first thing I should point out is from about a week ago. David and I were meeting in Izumi after work, since I work there and he was near there that day, too. I was done work first, so I toddled to the local Bux for a drink and got a Chai Latte~ They make their cups sooo strangely in Japan. I was taught to mark them differently, so maybe times have changed? Anywho, I got my lovely Grande 5 pumps nonfat no water chai and it was glorious. Not as good as a Chai Eggnog Latte, but that will be for Christmastime at home~
While waiting, I ended up walking around the mall. There were already stores with Christmas displays! It made me so happy~~~ I found a store that had a Christmas Village type display. They looked like something from Canada. There were townsfolk decorating a tree infront of the city hall, a moose touching it's nose to a showman's carrot nose, and a group of people curling. Awesome.
We ended up getting dinner from a little restaurant across the hall from the Starbucks. They made amazing pizza. It was really good! We got one with tomato, basil and mozzarella and the other was onion, bacon and italian salami. Very tasty!
Also last week, David and I made plans to meetup in Sendai after work. I got there with about and hour to kill, so naturally I went to the Disneystore to kill some time. Their Halloween stuff was on sale, so I bought a bag of Halloween snacks. Curry or Barbeque flavoured cracker things. They're actually pretty good~
After exiting the Disneystore, I wandered around the arcade. And then I noticed that they were already putting up Christmas lights! Lets be honest here, people~ I'm a Christmas Geek. So, seeing Christmas lights in October actually excites me.
During my break recently at work, I ended up buying a new seasonal drink and snack from Family Mart. A cinnamon donut and a Kirin brand Chai Latte. Can't lie, I wasn't expecting much from that drink. But, it was surprisingly good! Will probably get it again~
On the subject of drinks, last Sunday David had a work Halloween thing he needed to do. It was basically a big show Halloween party thing that anyone in the mall could go to. He asked me to go, just in case no one wanted to participate in the Q&A portion and they needed someone who would. He bought me a drink for my troubles~ And I selected the Donald Duck milk tea. Hahaha. I like this brand. And now it has Donald Duck on it. Of course it was a good choice! David had to wear his costume for the event, and I thought he looked quite cute.
After the event, I wandered around for a bit and managed to find the cute Sailor Moon themed eyeliners that I had wanted to try~ They're really nice, actually! I've never tried liquid liner before, and I reeeeally like it. I got black liquid liner and a white pencil that had gold shimmer to it. They're both quite nice!
Recently, Sailor Moon keychains were available in gashapon machines. I managed to get almost all of the girls, except Mercury! I was kinda bummed, but I'm sure I'll find it somewhere! They keychains are reeeeally cute, actually! I'm using Sailor Moon as one of my keychains right now!
Oh, and in Preschool recently, we did a series of vegetable planting with the kids. We planted radishes which are supposed to grow up and be ready to eat by mid-late November. Real radishes~~~ I'm kinda excited. I hope I get to try one!

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