Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Angel would've keeled over.

So, continuing with Kusatsu, the next day we went to Mt. Shirane. It was lovely. We climbed up part of the mountain and it was a freaking steep climb! Like, almost vertical at some points. And it was kinda funny to have all these old ladies climbing up and down past us and telling us, "Ganbatte!" (Do your best!). Ahaha.
 It was a really good workout to say the least. Ahaha. So, after the trek, we ate a quick lunch. (Yakisoba and cappucino ice cream for me. Yummm.) And then we walked down a little trail about 3km to the gondola thing. Angel would've keeled over. It went practically all the way down the mountain. Lol. It was a lovely view, though!

So, after getting to the bottom we decided to head back to town. We felt pretty accomplished after all that hiking about.
So, in town we FINALLY caught the Yumomi show. It's the traditional way of cooling the water. It was really neat! The ladies sang and there was a dance as well. They were all very talented!
 I took a few videos, too. :D

After the Yumomi show, we hit up another hot spring. This one was outdoors and it was huge! It had started to rain when we left the Yumomi show, so I bought an umbrella for the walk to the hot spring park thing. It was a gorgeous onsen. I wish I was allowed to take photos, but not allowed for obvious reasons. Lol. We soaked for a while and then headed back to the hotel. It was David's last night. We ate at a little family owned restaurant in the town. I had hamburger curry. It was AMAZING. Sooooo good!

So, the next morning David left and it was Keira's birthday. So, I bought her cake. :D
Here's my cake. Lol. It was amazing. Chocolate strawberry shortcake. My life was complete when I found it. *___* <3 
We spent most of the day just wandering and onsen hopping. It was fun. We ate at that little restaurant again for dinner and we went for a walk in the other local shrine. It was really pretty. I love Japanese shrines. <3
 You will notice the stairs. They were steep. And I never wanna see stairs again in my life. x___x

Anywho~ We had as good evening. We found a bathhouse that was waaaay too hot, though! It was a small one, and there was no one there when we got in. (Little wonder why.) We went to pour the hot water on our arms and it scalded. Like ooowwwww. So, I tried to dip my foot in and I couldn't do it. Lol. Oh well. They had an awesome poster with the rules of onsening, though.
 After that failure, we walked back to our ryokan. Lol. The trip home was nice. I've come to the decision that I looove futons, though! Not, like pull out couch futons, but Japanese futons. It's a traditional bed. Basically, a thin mattress placed on the floor with big, fluffy blankets. Lovelove.

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