Saturday, October 29, 2011

Advertising works, apparently.

So, David and I boogied into town a few days ago. I gave into my UFO catcher addiction. I can't help it! They're so much fun! And it's only 100yen to try! And the prizes are always so freaking adorable! I won a few small purse charms (1 Miss Bear for Keira and myself and a Donald Duck for Talia) and I also won a ghost Hello Kitty pillow! It's AMAZING. I spent waaay too much money trying to get it, but it equals out to about how much it would cost in store. Maybe a bit less.
Check out that amazing ghost-yness! It's so soft, too! I was really happy when I won it. Ahahaha. I bought a few other things, too. New purse, some fancy leggings, a couple pair of puffball earrings and a witch Asuka and Rei set from Evangelion. (I gave Rei to Angel and I kept Asuka.) I got a figure set of Kagami and Tsukasa from Lucky Star, too!
Cute, eh? And yes~ Those purple haired girls are indeed twins. But no, I'm keeping them both. Angel can buy her own set. Ahaha. We picked up some snacks, too. Got some Halloween themed koala cookies and bought some more Pocky. Ninomiya Kazunari (a singer I like) is the new Pocky spokesperson. There was a big sign of him in the grocery store. How could I resist buying more Pocky? Advertising works, apparently.

So, we had refectory dinner a few nights ago. It was AMAZING. Soooo freaking good! Martin was our server and it was a blast. Yuta came as well and it was nice to hang out with him. He works in pub, so we see him a lot, but it was a lot of fun. He's so funny! So, now for the obligatory food photos.
So, first we had chicken with thin ham slices on top and a small salad. It was served cold and it was freaking fantastic. Sooo goooooood. And the tomato served with the salad was the best damn cherry tomato I've ever eaten. True story.
 After the first course, Keira was all about the roast beef, but we still had 2 courses to go. So, next course was cream of potato soup. And it was the best freaking soup I've ever eaten. OMG. Yummmmmm. This was my favourite part of the meal.
Next up was a lamb dish. The lamb actually tasted good. I think it's because of the tomato sauce stuff. It reminded me a LOT of mum's smothered pork chops. Like, woah. It was good. Not as good as mum's, but good.
Oh man. Was it ever goooood! Angel and I were grinning like loons as we ate, because our mouths were pinging from happiness. It was like, I would take a bite and the inside of my mouth went pingy and I just HAD to smile! And after I finished, my brain was sending signals to my mouth to keep chewing. So, I ate some bread. Not quite the same effect, but hey. Oh god, it was sooooooooooooooooooo good! Yuuuuuuuum!
 Ahaha. Dessert was lovely. Chestnut mouse cake and raspberry sherbert. And yes~ That IS gold leaf on top! Poor Yuta! Martin and Yaz took away his normal cutlery as a joke and brought him kid cutlery. We all laughed and Yuta went ahead and used that! It was hilarious!

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  1. The roasted beast in the picture actually made me salivate...mmmm...looks like a great dinner!