Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thus began the first (and possibly last) ever British Hills Dance Off.

Halloween was awesome. We had a big party at the pub. It was the Halloween/ Leaving / welcome party. Martin left the next day and Suzi and Mike had just arrived. I worked until about 10, but I changed quick and dashed over to the pub. I dressed as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service (Majo no Takkyubin) and everyone knew who I was! It was awesome. I walked in to a chorus of 'Kiki-chan! Kawaiiiii!' ('Kiki! Cuuuute!')
I have to say, the scariest costume of the night belonged to Mike, the teacher. He dressed as a woman with the pink wig. He wore a scarf around his waist as a skirt and he padded his chest with socks. It was hilarious. Sam dressed up as Martin, complete with a mask. We all just hung out and chatted for a while, then Sam and Mike decided to get a dance contest going. Thus began the first (and possibly last) ever British Hills Dance Off. The first teams were Team Ouch and Team Ito Sisters. David, Martin and Yaz made up Team Ouch and Tatsuru's friend were the Ito Sisters. It was hilarious.
 Team Ouch won the first battle. Thanks to Martin's hilarious leadership. Lol. The second battle was between Team Tatsuru Jackson and Team Saito's Rock-n-Rollers. It was so funny! Saito-san actually tried to breakdance on the carpet! (And he's like 40 years old!) And then Tatsuru and his friend did the worm on the floor!
Team Saito's Rock-n-Rollers: Saito-san and Mike.
Team Tatsuru Jackson's Hide with Team Saito's Yuta. Both of who were doing the Robot. XD
 Team Tatsuru Jackson won by one vote. So, they took on Team Ouch for the finals. Team Ouch acquired another member, Mike (my friend) and decided to do a human pyramid. Team Tatsuru Jackson leap frogged. And then they all clustered in on each other and declared that they were Team TatsuOuch and that they all won. Lol.
 So yeah. It was hilarious. After the party, we hung out in the living room with Sam and just chatted. But it was an awesome night!

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