Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I originally had a pained grimmace on my face, but whatever.

And now for the second part! :D

So, we had to get flu shots recently. Boooooooooooooooo! Tonya, Angel, David and I went with Kyoko to town and got the shot. Bah. I hated it. The only photos I have of the ordeal is from Tonya, taken as we were in the car driving to the shots. She said to smile, so I did. I originally had a pained grimmace on my face, but whatever.
After it was over, Kyoko took us to 7-11 to grab a snack for the ride home. I got an ice cream and some iced White Mocha with Marron (chestnut) Starbucks drink. It was pretty tasty, actually. And Kyoko bought us all a snack. I had a pizzaman. Like a nikuman, but pizza! Basically a meatbun.
 David and I had the next day off, so we went to town.And I had NO LUCK with UFO catchers! I was pretty depressed, actually. So, David bought me a cute ice cream to make me feel better.
And then today we did some decorating in the manor house. Well, the interns and I decorated the 2 smaller trees yesterday. But, Angel, Suzi and I did the main tree today. And that was an adventure. Lol. We had to put the tree together, then the lights weren't working, then we got some of the lights to work, but they didn't twinkle like they were supposed to. They're the kind that you can control how they light up. So, in the end we gave up and just kept them on the standard, plain glow. And we aren't tall enough to reach the top of the tree, so we enlisted the help of Bryan and Glenn, who just happened to be passing by. Lol. And, as we decorated we quoted How the Grinch Stole Christmas. And it was totally awesome.
We don't have a star for the top, so Angel made a bow. <3 Oh, and Belinda came over to say hi, but didn't have time to help decorate. Awww. ;__;

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  1. Cute Mickey ice cream! :D I work for Bux and have never even heard of "Chestnut"!