Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Do you like Disneyland?"

Hey y'all. Just wanted to post to say hi. (And to avoid the patriarch giving me hell. XD)

No photo's for this post, sadly, as I don't have my camera. Angel couldn't find her camera, so I loaned her mine for her Tokyo trip. It's all good, though. Nothing much going on right now.

We had our newest family member join us today. Her name is Gayner. When she was getting off the bus the first thing I saw was her Ouran messenger bag. Yes. I think we'll get along just fine~ Ahahaha.

It's KUIS Parent invasion right now. They got here today and they leave tomorrow, but holy hell. Like 93 people. Plus school staff and bus staff. And they're ALL being treated like VIPs, since they pay for us to stay in business, essentially. Mori-san and Nishiwaki-san were buzzing about the desk ALL day! It was insane.

Suzi seems to be adapting to the desk really well. We were ambushed by kids yesterday. Lol. We had a school stay (over 200 kids!) and they ALL had to do a contact assignment. Basically, find a foreign staff member and ask them 3 questions. So, they all came up to Suzi and/or I and said the following:
"My name is ___. Nice to meet you. May I ask you some questions? Thank you."
They ALL said that exactly. It was like they all were reading a script. (Which, really, they probably were.) And then came the questions.
"What is your nickname? What is your favourite colour? What is your hobby? What sports do you like? Do you know AKB48/EXILE/Arashi? Who is your favourite Japanese singer? What is your favourite Japanese food? When did you arrive?" And more. I think the best question I was asked was: "Do you like Disneyland?"

It was cute, though. We answered questions for over an hour! So, in other news, Sara has me on a new face wash regimen, so hopefully this'll work. It's working so far, so we'll see. I'm currently using (Mum, look away now) antibacterial hand soap and a really good Nivea 24hr face cream. Ahahaha. It's actually working. A bit. Better than what I was using before. Lol. I find it kinda funny. XD

We went to karaoke a few nights ago with Yuta and Tomo. Yuta was leaving first, but I stayed to drive with Tomo. So, Yuta, David and Talia all took off. Keira, Tonya and I went with Tomo. Yuta had a 15 minute headstart and we still managed to beat them. With like 5 minutes to spare. Lol. It was hilarious. I love Tomo's driving. He goes like 80km around hairpin turns and it's awesome. Reminds me of mum's driving, back in the day. Ahahaha. I always feel like I'm taking my life in my hands when I drive with Tomo. Lol. It was a good time, though. David even sang! Talia got reeeeeally drunk, though. With karaoke, you pay by the hour and then you get unlimited drinks. So, for the alcohol package, it was 900yen per hour. I only got cola, though. I sang a lot, though! It was fun!

I'm trying to dig about for a photo to put up here, but I got nothing. I've been reading Wicked on my kobo for the past few days and I can't put it down. I tried a while back to read it and couldn't do it, but now I'm glad I'm trying it again. The book is really good! Lovelove!

In fact, I think I'll be going back to my book now. :D

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