Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Happy Recipe! ~Ikemen afternoon!~"

We have a Christmas tree for the staff house! Keira, Angel and I decorated it a few days ago. David brought it home from his trip to town. It's a pretty good size. And it has fake pinecones on it. It's actually nicer than my own tree at home! Crazy, eh? We don't have lights yet, but I'll pick some up tomorrow. And we need to put a star on top. Lol.
Cute, eh? We're rather fond of it. And we didn't have enough ornaments, so we improvised. Ahahaha. My UFO catcher obsession came in handy after all~ <3

So, it snowed here recently and then it got warm-ish again. So, we had snow for maybe 2 days. And now it's kinda melting. But, it's still cold. I've been bringing my red Olympic mittens to the desk because it's too cold for my hands to wave without them. When we go outside to wave we've gotten into the habit of wearing the cloaks, mittens and scarves. Yep. I hate the cold. Lol.

In other news, OMG! Tokyo Disney trip in about a week! I'm SOOOO excited! Yay! We booked a night at a hotel in Ueno as well, so that'll be fun. And we've got the talent show on the 1st. Some of the teachers set it up and Angel and I are going to do a song and dance number. Nagisa no Sinbad by W (originally sung by Pink Lady). I'm gonna see if someone can tape it so I can post it here.

And I was given a random gift today. It's called "Happy Recipe! ~Ikemen afternoon!~" (Ikemen means hot, cute, cool boy.) ...Yeah. It has drama and stage actors in it. The guys in this were all in the Prince of Tennis musicals. Apparently it's basically 5 guys sitting around and chatting while making a fancy lunch. So, like a chat interview DVD. Or something. Lol. I've never even seen this DVD before in stores, so I'm kinda curious to watch it. Ahahaha. Everyone here knows how much I like watching dramas, so maybe that's why it was given to me. Lol.

In anycase, time to go finish my current drama with Keira. We're watching Ikemen Desu Ne (roughly translated, "You're Beautiful/Handsome"). I've already seen it, but Keira hasn't so it's fun to watch.
Not sure what we're gonna watch next, though. ...Hmmm. Maybe Honey and Clover... We'll see.


  1. Tokyo Disney?!?!!? JEALOUS!!! :D

  2. Nice xmas tree ya got there hunny...glad you're hitting disney again...I know ya luv it there