Thursday, December 1, 2011

And the tree is amazing in a sense. It's ridiculous.

So, a few days ago Angel and I were lamenting about how much we wanted a bagel. Like, hardcore. I would've sold my soul for a blueberry bagel. True story. That evening, Angel came over to my room and we watched a few episodes of VS Arashi and Himitsu no Arashi-chan. And when David came back from the pub he brought gifts.
YES. A delcious, beautiful blueberry bagel! I could've cried from joy. Apparently Ceed (one of the Canadian teachers) had gone to town earlier that day and picked up a bagel for Angel and I while she was out. It was so sweet! And it tasted amazing. Yumyumyum~ <3

We had our evacuation drill yesterday. That was Actually, it wasn't tooo bad. We all went to the Ambassador's Hall for the meeting beforehand. Almost all the English staff was there and most of the Japanese staff. We talked for about 1 and 1/2 hours about the new rules and procedures. And Will explained how the new system should work and whatnot.
Basically, in an emergency, we all meet at a specified meeting place. (Usually the guest parking lot.) The first person to get there puts on the red vest from the emergency hut and begins to direct people about. They continue to get things organized until either a) everything is taken care of or b) someone of a higher rank gets there. Then, they whip off the vest and give the responsibility to them. And working holiday staff are the bottom of the totem pole. So, basically, I'll never have to wear the vest.
Yeah~ Good work team. So, after all that chatter, we ran a practise drill. We were each handed a card and told to keep it secret. It contained our role for the drill. I was given a card telling me to be a student. I was to meet with my 'class' and our teacher would guide us. Simple. Angel got the 'Me' card. So, she just went back to reception and was herself. Lol. She was the one who made the drill announcement, actually.
And it was rather funny doing the drill. None of the English staff really took it seriously, so we were cracking jokes the whole time. But, we all assembled in the parking lot in good enough time. There were people who were injured and lost and trapped. And the person in charge didn't really take charge. So, the drill was a disaster. If we had really been in danger, we'd have probably all been doomed. But, whatever. It was a drill. At least now we know what they need to work on. And yes, I said they, since all the English staff tried to push them into doing things right and they wouldn't listen.

But, in other news, a bunch of people went to town today! Talia and Gayner had to go to a doctor's apppointment and Angel and Brad just went to go shopping. But, they all brought back stuff for me. Gayner and Talia brought back a pack of donuts from Mr. Donut for everyone and Angel brought me back a PIKACHU! She won it from a UFO catcher! And it's really soooft! And cuuute! And it's actually like a mini-bag. I can hang it off my purse and it'll hold like my keys, Suica card and some money! It's amazing!
 And tonight was our talent show! We had an awesome buffet dinner in the pub and most of us dressed all fancy. The pub is all decked out for Christmas. And the tree is amazing in a sense. It's ridiculous.
 The food was amazing! And there was turkey! It was sooo good! Yummmmm~~~ I ate so much, though. Lol. We had so much leftover, too. Sara brought containers for us to pack the leftovers, but since I won't be here for the next 5-6 days, I thought it wouldn't be advisable. Besides, everyone else can benefit from it more, I think.

So, after dinner it was showtime! There were 11 acts and it was a hilarious evening. Angel and I sang two songs. We did our Nagisa no Sinbad song and we also did For Good from the Wicked musical. Awesome times. Sara did games for the teachers and that was funny. Watching Will, Jen and Dharmesh trying to answer random questions about things from the Manor House tour. And then watching Mike, Jack and Glenn try to cut paper to perfectly fit the baking sheets while blindfolded.
 Lisa did a tarot reading for Talia which was funny. Talia asked if she should give up drinking and cards seemed to think so, but there would be regret and then a break from romance for her if she did. Lol. And Mike makes music in his spare time, so he played some of his stuff for us.
And Talia 'played' the wine glasses. She tried to make the glasses sing, but she had a lot of difficulty. She didn't practice beforehand, so yeah. Lol. It was still funny watching her try.
Glenn also did a few games. The first was called "What Are You Thinking?" Basically, you have two people that countdown from 3 and say the first word to come to mind. Then, you keep doing that until you say the same word. So, the first words you say would influence your next answer. So, if I said 'Red' and someone said 'Food' we'd want to say a word next round that was a red food. If we said 'apple' we'd be done. But, if we said 'tomato' and 'apple' we'd keep going. Yeah. It was really funny watching it. Lol.
The other game we played was Taboo. I got picked to play with Jack and David went up with Dharmesh. People laughed since it was a marriage battle. Lol. My team won, naturally~ 8points to 5. Oh yeah! We're awesome!

The final act of the night was Sam and Mike recreating like every movie from the 80's. And it was hilarious.
 It was an awesome night. And tomorrow David and I leave for TOKYOOO! Yay! I'm so excited! I love Tokyo! I'll have lots of pictures when I get back. :D

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