Sunday, December 18, 2011

It reminds me of John's hat.

So, we're covered in snow right now. Ahaha. We went to bed one night with grass on the ground and woke up the next morning and there was a thick blanket of snow. I took my camera with me to work yesterday to take a few photos. However, I took the inside way to work, so I didn't get many pictures. Lol.
I DID however take a picture of Mori-san's AWESOME snowsuit. Oh, it's fantastic. He walked in and I HAD to do a double take, because I didn't believe my eyes. It was only about 7am, after all. I thought maybe I was still asleep. It reminds me of John's hat. And I told him about the hat when I saw his suit. And asked if I could take a photo so I could show mum. Lol. And he made sure to tell me it was very old. It's from the 80's. Wow. I would've never guessed. Lol.
Yes. Isn't it AMAZING?

So, after that excitement, it started to snow again. And we had a school of about 160 kids in, so we had to shovel the stairway. It took us like an hour. Lol. It was hard! Suzi, Akiko and I were shoveling and they only had like garden shovels. Ahaha. However, Mike came over to help us. And what did I do? I accidentally tossed snow in his face while I was shoveling! I was tossing snow over the side of the railing, and I didn't see him. But he was there. Oops...
So, after that shoveling, I went over to help at the shop for about 2 hours. It was fun. But busy! They staggered the kids, so we didn't get swamped, which was a great idea. And Angel came in towards the end and asked if I wanted to go to the pub for lunch. Which, I did. Pub lunch = steeeak! Yummmmm!
And today, I went to town with Keira and Gayner. We went to Cafe Gusto for lunch and I got the beef meat doria. No idea what doria means, but it was like flavoured rice underneath a meatsauce and cheese sauce. It was really tasty.
After that, we did some UFO catchers and I won Keira a blanket. We went Christmas shopping and grocery shopping and then walked back to the station. We got there about 45 minutes early. Lol. Oops? So, we all huddled on a bench outside and used the blanket to keep our laps warm. It was pretty funny, actually. We just chatted for a bit and then the bus came. Yay~! It was funny, how at home it's like show crazy and in Shirakawa there's no snow. It was lightly flaking when we left, but no snow. Weeeird.

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