Friday, December 16, 2011

At least we each had a glove.

So, a few days ago Michie-san asked Angel and I to spray paint some pinecones. Yes. The very same pinecones Angel had collected waaay back in the spring. She wanted us to spray paint them gold, but she didn't say why. So, outside we went, armed with spray paint, pinecones, a plastic bag to sit on, a box to spray them in and 1 pair of gloves. Yep. One pair of gloves. And it was freaking cooold that day! Like, maybe 3 degrees Celsius. Brrr. So, what do we do? We take our shoes off, take off our jackets and sit outside on our bag in front of the staff house in our dress shirts and pants. At least we each had a glove. I don't know WHAT I'd have done without it.

But yeah. True story. Subzero temperatures, and we're outside spray painting pinecones without coats or hats or shoes. Ahh yeah~ We're awesome.

Now, the problem we encountered was that it was very cold. We had removed our coats because we didn't want to get paint on them. And we were still 'working' so we didn't wanna change into our normal clothes for this. So, we sat outside huddled together for warmth while we painted. And we attracted a lot of attention. Ahahah. People kept coming over and commenting on what we were doing. Mostly asking what we were doing and if we were cold. Angel and I thought it was all really funny. I guess paint fumes mixed with freexing weather makes you giggle more. Who knew?

In the end, Angel grabbed a mini blanket to wrap around her shoulders and I grabbed my Kiki dress from Halloween and tossed that on. And then, Yukichika-san from shop came over again. He had talked to us maybe half an hour into our painting escapades. And he came over about 10 minutes before we gave up. And he brought us hot canned drinks! I got coffee and Angel got cocoa. He's so sweet! <3

All in all, we were outside for about 70minutes. Ahahahaha. Don't look at me like that, mum. It seemed like a good idea at the time...

Anywho~ So, we had been pondering what Michie-san needed the pinecones for and I finally discovered it today. I opened this morning, so I was at work for 6:45am. Michie-san came in at 9 and brought out some natural looking wooden frame things for wreath making. She asked me to make some pinecone wreaths. So, that's what I did for most of the day. Go me. I used glue at first, but thank god we found wire. So, I made about 6 today. And she told me to keep one, so it's hanging on my door right now.
And last night was awesome. Suzi, Mike, George, David, Angel and I all got together in the living room and had a LAN party! (Local Area Network; It means we weren't playing on the multiplayer area, but we were still playing together.) We played Diablo II and it was awesome! Oh D2! How I've missed youuuuuu~ And I got an awesome bow right from the start! It's a yellow unique! And I'm not even level 15 yet! Ahahaha! I'm doing awesome! But, do I wanna be a frost Amazon? Or a multishot? Decisions decisions! Geek geek geek geek. And yes~ We WILL be playing the cow level. But not yet. Not high leveled enough.

And now that I've scared everyone away, I guess I'll go. Lol. I'm going on a day trip to Koriyama with Suzi, Mike and maybe Tonya in a few days, so that'll be fun! I'll take pictures!

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