Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So, the monorail runs in a complete circle.

So, we just got back tonight from our Tokyo trip. It was amazing. I totally didn't wanna come back. But, it's like that every time I go to a Disney park, so I guess that's not surprising. Ahahaha. Our story begins on the 2nd. I had that day off, so I went to town avec George. That was good fun. He's crazy and we just had a fun time. He bought a helicopter and it's his new favourite toy ever. Lol. At 4, he took the bus back to BH and I stayed in town. David and I had booked a room in toen for that night, so I went and checked in. I was feeling pretty tired from walking around all day, so I bought a tea, some chili ramen and just chilled watched some TV. And what did I find? JUST FOR LAUGHS GAGS! True story! I could've cried I was so happy! And people had Timmy's cups and there were Canadian flags in one of the gags. And Canadian money! It was amazing!
So, I watched TV and just vegged for a bit. Took a small cat nap and waited for David. He had to work until 6, so he was taking the staff bus to town. I met him at the station and we went out for dinner. And we decided that we wanted Denny's. No all day breakfast, but the food was good. I got spaghetti and David got a club sandwich set. I had already started wolfing down my food at this point, so no photo. But, here's David's. :D
It was really good. We didn't really wanna just go back to the hotel and sleep at that  point, so we wandered about for a bit. Went to SegaWorld and played some of the UFO catchers. And David won me a Gloomy Bunny! *___* And I won a few Sentimental Circus bunnys. We also bought a snack and then went back to the hotel, since it was dark and we were tired.
According to the writing on the package it was a butter scone. It was like sweet bread. Kinda reminded me of William's buns, actually! It was sooo good! *___* So, we just kinda watched TV for a bit, took a shower then headed to bed.

The next morning, we got up relatively early and caught the shinkansen at 9:26. Yep. Early morning for us. But, we slept on the train. I looove shinkansen! I wish we'd get them in Canada! It'd be awesome! So, we got to Tokyo without incident. And then we hopped the Ueno line to get to Maihama/Tokyo Disney. We were staying at the Sunroute Plaza hotel and check-in wasn't until 3, so we had about 3 hours to kill at this point. So, we walked around Ikspiari. Ikspiari is like the Downtown Disney of Tokyo. And the world is derived from Experience. Because, it's supposed to be an experience. But, they needed a cool word, so Ikspiari. Lots of fancy shops and whatnot. I snapped a picture quickly of their Christmas tree. We grabbed lunch at a really good burger place. It was Hawaiian themed and the food was excellent. I got a bacon cheeseburger and it came with fries and onion rings. And it was delicious!
Sooo good. So, we proceeded to our hotel to check in. At this point, we took the monorail to get to our hotel station. It costs like 250yen per ride, or you can buy a day pass. We bought a 2-day pass for 800yen, and man, was that a good idea. So, the monorail runs in a complete circle. There's 4 stops: Ikspiari/Maihama Station, Tokyo DisneyLand, Bayside Station and Tokyo DisneySea. We got off at the Bayside Station stop.
That was the stop for all the hotels. And from there it was maybe a 3 minute walk to our hotel. We procured our park tickets and were told to come back at 3 to properly check-in. We had about 2 hours ish till then. They had our baggage, so we were good. We took one of the cute Disney buses to the station and then it was time to ride the monorail again!
So, we decided to spend that day in Tokyo DisneySea, since we'd already been to that park before. They had decorated for Christmas and it was all cuuute. Have I mentioned that in the 'American Waterfront' area, there's a big store named after Scrooge McDuck? It's amazing! And the fountain outside of it is pretty awesome, too!
 The main reason we went to DisneySea was to go to the Agrabah area. We didn't get to go there last time, so we were all excited. We did Jasmine's flying carpets, which was really pretty, if not exactly like Aladdin's carpets in Florida. Lol. We also did the cute Sinbad ride! It was like It's a Small World, but more adorable. It's about Sinbad and his pet tiger, on their crazy voyage. I wish I could've taken photos. It was too cute.
 And then it was after 3pm! Yay! Wooo! We could go check into our room! So, we hopped the monorail (eeeee!) back to Bayside Station and caught another bus to our hotel. Checked in and went to our room. And guess what greeted us.
 Yep. TWO beds. Oh noes! I had mentioned in our reservation that it was our anniversary, but I guess they missed the memo. Oh well. We just pushed the beds together. Lol.

Aaaand it's about midnight here, so I'm just going to post the rest tomorrow. Gonna curl up and monitor the Regretsy Paypal drama for a bit longer, then head to bed methinks. (I'm thoroughly disappointed in Paypal right now because of it, I might add. I hope April can get it all sorted.) Night! <3

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  1. awesome update hunny...happy anniversary to you and david. I think I'll go get some buns at Williams...mmmmm