Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I had a really spectacular crash.

A few days ago a few of us went to Koriyama for the day. Suzi, Mike, Brad and I all went. It was fun. We were going to Round1, which is like a 5 level arcade/gaming/fun complex. It was amazing.

We left at about 7:45am from BH by a taxi. Kyoko ordered it for us and BH paid, which was nice. I slept all the way to the station. Lol. And then we caught the local train to Koriyama. Now, Koriyama is about the same distance away from Shin-Shirakawa as Sarnia is from London. And wanna know how much it cost us to go? 1,470yen. Less than $15. If only VIA had those prices. We walked from the station to Round1 and it was maybe a 10 minute walk.
So, we entered Round1 and the first floor was AMAZING. I wasn't sure if photos were allowed, so I didn't get a picture, but it was a SEA for UFO catchers! As far as the eye can see! It was GLORIOUS! I must've spent like 2,000yen in there! And I FINALLY got my Buta-Usagi keychain! Buta-Usagi (Pig-Bunny) is a plush from a drama I watched. (Ikemen Desu Ne.) The main boy character called the main chick Buta-Usagi. It's just a bunny plush with a pig nose, but YAY! And I won a few other Disney keychain things.

After the UFO stage, we went upstairs to the fun zone area. We each paid 1,780yen for 3 hours. And we had unlimited access to karaoke, mini bowling, roller skating, a huge arcade and a few other things. I wasn't too interested in the arcade, but I was all over everything else. So, for a little while, Suzi, brad and Mike went and played games and I went and just sang karaoke. And I sang what I wanted to sing which was fun.
Japanese karaoke always has weird videos. Lol. No idea what was happening in this one. Brad joined me towards the end, then Suzi and Mike came and challenged us to a game of mini bowling. Suzi and I played again Brad and Mike. And we lost. Badly. Lol. Mike's a good bowler. And Suzi and I are not. Ahahah. My score was ok, though. 107. Not bad for me.
After that we decided to go try roller skating. That was hilarious. Lol. I had a really spectacular crash. But, only the one. It was a bit easier than ice skating. Suzi refused to let go of the siding. Lol. Mike was rollerblading and wizzing around the rink easily.
After that we only had a little time left, so we changed back into our shoes and left. We took the train back and then hopped the BH bus. It was nice, though! We had gone to Aeon quickly after arriving back in Shin-Shirakawa to grab a quick snack from McD's and Suzi needed groceries. And when we were leaving, there was the BH Bus. Parked in the lot. And Sam and Talia were on it, waiting for us. Awwww! It was really sweet of the bus driver!

So, after we got back to BH we were down to cooking. We had our Christmas dinner that night. We ordered a turkey from the kitchens and a Christmas cake, as well. Keira, Suzi, Talia and I were all cooking. Keira making mashed potatoes, Talia roasted potatoes, Suzi pasta and me carrots. All the food was FANTASTIC. It was sooo good! We ate over at the pub.
After dinner, we all hung out and drank Keira's HOMEMADE EGGNOG. SOOOOO YUMMY! It was amazing! Angel was working, but we made a plate for her and brought it to her. And after work she came home with a BOX. Our package from Dad had come in! Yay!
Yes! BACON! SWISS CHALET SAUCE! And My Little Pony fruit snacks! <33333333333333
Best gift EVER! OMG~ We were so excited. REAL BACON. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! <3
We ate some of the KD last night. And We added a few pieces of bacon to it. And it was glorious. <3333

And before the night was over, Talia was playing with her hair and it was giving her issues. She decided for a laugh to spike it all up. She looked like one of those Troll baby toys. Lol.
All in all it was an excellent day. <3

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