Friday, December 9, 2011

And LOOK GRAMMA! I'm eating salad!

Ok~ So where were we? Oh yeah. We pushed the beds together. Lol. It wasn't too bad. So, after checking in, we grabbed dinner and then headed back to the park. Dinner was just a buffet and it was pretty good. There was an amazing desserts area. I wish I had thought to take a picture. Oh well. We passed a cute Donald statue while we were walking to the DisneySea gates, so I snapped a photo.
Now, my camera takes bad night photos. So, I don't have many photos after this. We rode the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride again. It's always fun. <3 And we rode the Indiana Jones ride. We walked around a bunch, too. The lights were all very pretty. We were going to see the fireworks, but they got cancelled! Boooo! David bought me a maple flavoured churro, though. So, that kinda made up for it.
DisneySea was quite cute at night! I just wish my camera was better for night shots. But, since the fireworks were canceled, we just walked a bunch. Before the night ended we took the train from American Harbour to the American Main Street area. It was a cute little train ride. And then it was time to leave. We hobbled back to our hotel and watched some TV until bedtime. We happened to stumble upon an Arashi show, so we watched that and attempted to follow the conversation. That was a laugh. Lol.

The next morning we woke up at about 8:30. But, we dind't get out of bed til about 9, because I was just too damn comfy. Lol. We couldn't find the thermostat in our cabin, and it was set pretty cool, so I was quite content to just stay under the nice, fluffy blankets. David, however, was having none of it. So, we got up, showered and had breakfast. Breakfast was amazing. SPAGHETTI for breakfast! It was wonderful~~~
Yes. Spaghetti. And fakey bacey! My kingdom for real bacon. ;____; Anywho~ We ate quickly and then hopped to the park! DISNEYLAND! I was sooo excited! Like, woah! It was amazing! I didn't get as many photos as I'd like, but oh well. There's always next time. Lol. 
So, Tokyo DisneyLand is very similar to DisneyWorld where it has a Main Street type area. It's all old timey and cute. It also has a glass ceiling overtop, so you won't get wet in the rain! Awesome idea! All the shops had amazingly cute window displays. But, I forgot to take photos. ;___; Sorry! There was a massive tree in the middle of the street. It was really big and pretty! And it was REALLY crowded! Like crazy busy!
So, our first stop after hitting the park was to get a fast pass for Space Mountain. The line was INSANE. Like, 100minutes wait. At 10am! We got our passes and they were good for 12:40-1:40. I took a photo as we left, just so you can see the line.
And then, after getting our passes, we walked by Star Tours! And there was NO LINE. It was CRAZY. We basically walked right onto the ride! Not even a 5minute wait! It was weeeird. It was funny doing it in Japanese, though. Ahahaha. So, after that we decided it was time to get hats! I had had my eye on a really cute Minnie hat, but settled on a Cheshire Cat Hat instead. I tried to get David to buy the Mad Hatter hat so we could match, but he wasn't going for it.
In the end, he got a cute Stitch hat. And the best part? My hat was on SALE! Only 1200yen! Bargain!
As we left the chapeau store, we headed towards the Adventureland area. We stopped at Pirates of the Caribbean first. I was quite interested to see how everyone sounded in Japanese. But, crazily enough, it was ALL in English! And it was almost exactly like the DisneyWorld version, just a bit longer. I was surprised. Lol. We then hopped to the Jungle Cruise. Now, THIS was in Japanese. And it was still funny. The skippers still seem to tell lame jokes, but they also hang off the side of the ship, holding on with just their legs. It was pretty impressive! The boat names are mostly the same, too.
We hopped over to ToonTown after this, as we were both feeling kinda peckish. I had heard the Huey, Dewie and Louie restaurant sold Mickey shaped food. And they did. We both got pizza and it was really yummy and cute. ToonTown was cute, too! It makes me miss the on in Florida. Where will Mickey and Minnie live now?

After this, I wanted to go walk to Fantasyland. But, I wanted to see the castle and take a few photos, so we walked over. It's pretty. It's almost exactly like Florida's, but with a different paint job. They had some really cute Christmas decorations setup, too. <3
So, Fantasyland was cute. We walked over to the Dumbo ride, since it was a short wait and kinda a tradition. While we were waiting a parade started, so I snapped a few photos when I was able to see. Lol.
So, Dumbo was cute but then I saw it. HAUNTED MANSION. And not just any Haunted Mansion! NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS HAUNTED MANSION! Oh yes!
 Jack's sleigh was on the roooof! OMGOMGOMG. I wanted to get in line, but we were thirsty, so we went and got a drink. And we also got some popcorn. Now, in Tokyo Disney popcorn is THE snack. Kinda like how turkey legs are the snack at DisneyWorld. But, in anycase, we got some Honey popcorn from a cart by the Winnie the Pooh ride. It wasn't bad. I might try chocolate popcorn next time. Or strawberry.
We got our drinks from the ToonTown cart. And I took some more photos while I was there. Goofy's house is awesome. Lol.
And then it was time. Time to get in line for HAUNTED MANSION! Yay! And what a lineup it was. We were in line for at least an hour! And while we were there I spotted at least two other gaijin in the line. Lol. But, the waiting wasn't too bad. They had lots Nightmare stuff around.
It was everything I hoped for and more. Can't lie. And it was in Japanese and just amazing. <3 Lovelovelove. So, after that we wanted dinner. And where did we go? The Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall, of course! I had the flank steak and a CAESAR SALAD. OMG. I could've cried with joy. And I got a cute plate to keep with the dessert I picked.
After dinner, we went and did Big Thunder Mountain. It's a bit more fun in Tokyo. Lol. And the wait wasn't too bad. We missed the Electrical Parade, but it's all good. We didn't really do any parades, actually. Maybe next time. After this, we went and grabbed a seat in front of the castle for the fireworks. We got there about 1/2 an hour early, which is fine. We wanted a good view. But, funny enough, after the parade was over, everyone left! So, we grabbed a really great seat and no one else was sitting around! Weeeird. But, then again, I can see why. The fireworks. They sucked. Like, Sarnia's Canada Day fireworks were soooo much better. And longer! Maybe 5 minutes of fireworks at Disney. It was just sad. And then, after this, we went to the bakery to just take a look and ended up buying a few snacks. Everything was soo cute!
I didn't wanna leave, but the park was about to close and we were both pretty tired, so we started to walk back to the monorail. I snapped a photo of the tree in the monorail station. Very pretty. Made me think of Cinderella. I took a picture of the Tokyo DisneyLand hotel, too. And the actual park.
When we got off the monorail, we went to hop the bus. And oh my god. The line was HUGE. Like, no way we'd get on that bus. Maybe not the next, either. So, we hoofed it back. It was like a 3 minute walk, after all. We got back before the bus did! So, it was quicker! Now, when we checked in, they gave us a 2,000yen discount coupon for a meal. We were both rather hungry after returning from the park (we walked A LOT) so we grabbed a quick meal. And LOOK GRAMMA! I'm eating salad!
So, the next day it was time to say goodbye to TokyoDisney. ;___; We checked out of our hotel and went to catch the train back to Harajuku. I took a few more photos on our way out.
We had a room booked in Ueno for the night, but we couldn't check in until about 3, so we went shopping. I wanted to check a few stores, but nowhere really had any good deals or sales at the moment. Not even Closet Child. I was kinda sad. But, it was still fun to walk about Harajuku again. And besides, lucky packs will be at the end of the month, so it's all good. I did buy a new ring for my collection from Angelic Pretty, though. Yay. I also took a photo of an ad in the station. It featured Arashi promoting a new phone. And someone else decided to get in on it.
Ahahaha. So, after this we went to Shinjuku. We dropped our bags in a locker and went out. We really wanted to hit the Square Enix store again, so we set out for it. It's like geek paradise in there, I swear. Lovelove. And the shop girls are dressed as Turks and its amazing. They are currently starting to sell fragrances. So, there's Cloud and Sephiroth cologne. True story. And for the record, Cloud smells nicer. Lol. David bought a few blind boxes, and he bought me a chocobo! Eeeeeee! Dressed as a white mage! Awwww! So, after all this it was about time to check in. So, we hopped the train over to Ueno. Our hotel was really nice! The room was small, but comfy. And the view was ok.
So, we dropped our stuff and out we went. We hopped the train to Akihabara. And wow. I looove Akihabara! It was amazing! We went to the Gundam Cafe and the food was goood. I got an iced latte and some red pepper and tomato spaghetti. Yummmmm~~~
 GUNDAM CAFEEEEE~~~~~ My geekiness was exploding with glee when I was in there. No lie. And we spent waaay too much money, but whatever. David bought my Christmas gift there, too. And for waaay cheap, I might add! I wanted the Meltdown Rin figure, but at Black Shop in town it was 9,000yen! Ouch. But, in Akihabara we found it for 5,000! YAY! Bargain! We took a handy photo of all the swag we bought, just because. Lol.
Yep. :D
And then, just like that, it was time to check out and come home. So, we walked to the station and bought our Shinkansen tickets and then stopped to get lunch. The cafe we went to was cute, and the food was ok, but their coffee was hideous! I got the iced coffee and it was burnt! Like, I could taste the charcoal, burnt! And the salads had black olives and was covered in a really vinegary dressing. Yick. The main meal was ok, though. Like a hamburger gravy curry thing. And then we saw it: A Bagel place! And they made Montreal style bagels, apparently. I could've cried. It was beautiful. The lady was really excited to hear we were from Canada. Lol. She was really sweet.
The trip back was really uneventful. I looove shinkensen. It's so fast and lovely. I slept most of the way home. Lol. And then we caught the bus and tada! Although, it was funny. We got home and Angel was practically walking out the door to Tokyo! She was off to Disney, too! Her blog should be updated soon, so she'll have photos, too. :3

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