Friday, November 11, 2011

So, naturally, I had to take a photo.

Went to town with David and Gayner yesterday. Good times. Went to Black Shop first and bought a few more figures for my desk. We just watched the 2 Evangelion movies a few nights ago, so I was in a mood for Asuka and Rei figures for my desk. So, I got a cute Christmas set, got a cute Asuka witch (to match my other witch), an Azumanga Daioh set (that refuses to stay standing), an Angry doll (hAngry&Angry, they're the characters from a clothing brand I like) and a Miyuki figure. My collection is growing! Yay! (My video game collection is beside my computer. And Angry is not in this photo. Lol.)
So, I had KFC for lunch. Got the Brazier sandwich set meal. Meh. Wasn't too impressed, but it was white meat chicken, and I had just gotten McDonalds the day before. So, whatever. That, and there was a HUGE poster of Matsumoto Jun advertising for KFC, so I guess I was drawn in by it. I should've gotten what he was advertising, but whatever. Maybe next time.
 After lunch, we just kinda wandered about AEON. Bought a few things for my room. (A PINK Christmas tree and wreath! Oh yes!) I also tried a few of the UFO Catchers. No dice. I don't think the ones at Aeon are too good. I have zero luck on them. Grrrr. Oh well.

So, after Aeon, we popped over to MegaStage. And our first stop? SEGA WOOOOORLD! WOOOO! I spend waaaaay too much money there! True story. Good god. But, I won a cute Minnie snowman plush. And I won a few keychains. One for David, Gayner and myself. (Angry is the bunny in this photo.)
So, we hit up the grocery store after. And what did we find? PINK PEPSI. I wish I could make this up. Strawberry and Milk flavoured Pepsi.
We also restocked our beverage supply. Lots of Lemon Water, Apple iced Tea and pop to last us a while. I also bought a Sparkling Apple drink. It tastes like sparkling apple flavoured iced tea. Kinda weird.
Picked up some snacks, too. Lots of chocolate. We tend to eat a lot of chocolate. But hey, it's a super food, right? Right? And Megumi brought us in this Melty Kiss chocolate recently, so I bought some. It was really good. And it really does just like insta-melt in your mouth. Sooo good.
I also found another random boyband member I like advertising for stuff at the grocery store. So, naturally, I had to take a photo. Although, I didn't purchase the gyoza he was pitching. Silly me. But, when I can get gyoza for free from staff kitchen, I think it's all good.
So, after we finished shopping, David and I grabbed an ice cream and sat outside to eat. Its become our little tradition. We buy groceries. We buy ice cream. Yummm~ I decided to try something different and got Coolish. It had kinda a thick milkshake-y texture. Weeeird.

In other news, I had a good long chat with Todd tonight! It was great to hear from him. Gonna be chatting with Amanda sometime soon, too. And I have 5 days off coming up! Ah yeah! So, hopefully I'll be able to work on a new layout during that time. And Kyoko's making us get flu shots. NOOOOO! I hate shots! And I haven't had flu in like a billion years! I wish I didn't have to get it. ;___;

Oh well. I know she only wants us to get it so we don't get sick, or give the flu to someone else, but still. Gah. I go on the 16th. And hopefully it won't make me sick and I'll be able to go to town that day after. We'll see.

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