Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I found Linkin Park figures inside, I might add.

So, I waited for David after school a few days ago in Sendai and we grabbed a quick bite to eat from Lotteria before heading home. Lotteria is a cheap, but good little fast food chain. Kinda reminds me of Wendy's. I HAD to take a picture of their menu, however. Look at this.
Yes. That is a 1,420yen for a Tower Cheeseburger. That's 10 patties on a single burger. Eeeeew! I'm getting heart palpitations just looking at it! And the, 500yen for a 5 patty burger or fried shrimp burger. Gah. Gross! We just got a normal burger and fries. After that, we hopped onto the train and headed home. David got paid that day, so we thought we'd have a small treat. There's a Baskin Robbins in the Aeon across from our apartment. And they have so many cute Halloween themed sundae's. I got a bear sundae with chocolate hazelnut ice cream. Yummmmmmmmmm!
After that, we did some grocery shopping. I found some MASSIVE apples! Like, the size of my head! They looked delicious, though. I kinda wish we'd bought one. Although, they're like 297yen per apple, so maybe it's all for the best.
We got a package from Lauren recently. And she sent me powdered gravy! Yay! So, we had poutine for dinner! Oh man, we it ever goooood. Yumyumyum! Thanks again, Lauren!
And then yesterday, we went for a long walk around our area. We hadn't really done much exploring, so off we went! It was a nice day. We walked for like 10k, though. It mas a loooong walk! But, we found a Book Off (second hand store), which is awesome, a Yamada (electronics store) and we found the local Black Shop! Woooo! Black Shop had some great signage outside, too.
I found Linkin Park figures inside, I might add. Ahahahahaha.
We passed by a game center as well and I found the biggest box of Calorie Mate I've ever seen. Ahahaha. Calorie Mate are basically shortbread cookies packed with calories. People eat them for a quick energy boost. They're pretty tasty, actually.
While we were walking back home, we both got really hungry, so we stopped off at CoCo Ichiban for some curry! We both got the chicken cutlet curry with some Naan bread! Oh my god. Was it ever good. Best curry ever. And the Naan was awesome, too!
Man, David always takes such flattering photos of me. Ahahaha. All in all, it was an awesome day. And it was really warm weather, too. Nice breeze and lots of sunshine.
Also, I'd like to point out that I FINALLY found a drama that David liked and watched willingly with me! Woooooo! We just finished it. It's about a rich heiress who is also a detective, but not a very good one. Her butler is really smart, though, and he solves all her cases for her. Anywho, it was good. It's called 謎解きはディナーのあとで (Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de).

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