Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christmas in a cup.

So, been quiet the past few days, but had a really good week last week! Our friend Brad came down from BH for a visit and he and I did the tourist trip around Sendai. There's a bus called the 'Loople Bus' that does a massive loop of Sendai, hitting all the touristy spots. I've always wanted to do it and Brad was game, so off we went! The entire loop takes about an hour to do. And it's a really nice view! Sendai has some really pretty spots. We ended up getting out and exploring the Castle Ruins area. However, the actual ruins were closed off to the public when we got there. Damn. But, there was a pretty shrine that we explored.

And they had 絵馬 Ema there! Ema are little wooden plaques that you can purchase and write down a prayer or a wish on. You then hang it up and the gods will receive them. I'd always wanted to do that, so I finally did!
After exploring the shrine, we walked about and explored the little park. There was a massive watchtower and there were trees that people tied their bad luck fortunes to.And of course we saw a line of vending machines.
The castle area was located on a mountain and there was a really nice view of Sendai from it! You could see everything! It was great!
After our little tour, we wandered around the shopping arcade. David was going to meet us at the station at 8pm, so at about 7 we hopped to the station and grabbed a drink from Starbucks. Mmmmm~ Chai Tea Latte. Christmas in a cup. We found David and then we all went out for dinner. I was starving! We would up at a small place on the top floor of Loft. I got the ham and mozzarella panini. It had tomato sauce inside it and it was fabulous.
After dinner, we bid goodbye to Brad and David and I headed home. I grabbed a drink for the ride. A Rilakuma cafe au lait! Yumyum!
So, a few days later I went out shopping for dad and grabbed myself a milk tea and a pack of sandwiches for the train ride home. Of course I grabbed the tea with the Disney characters on it. It tasted really nice! Like it had honey in it.
So, the leaves are finally starting to turn here. And the colours are so pretty! Like, really vibrant. I kinda wish I was back at BH, since the view point always had lovely views.
And I went to meet David for lunch on Halloween. I had dressed up as Kiki again. It was really nice. Almost like a date~ We had BLT's. And it was HEAVENLY. Like, REAL BLT's! Omg. I was sooooo happy. For those who don't know, BLT's are my favourite sammich. And I can never seem to get a real on in Japan. And I finally found a place that makes real BLT's! So, we had lunch and I walked David back to work. One of his co-workers made me a treat bag! It was really sweet. And then, as I walked through Aeon on my way home, I noticed the massive Hello Kitty Christmas tree! In the middle of the mall. It's huge and adorable! I can't wait for Christmas. Bring it on!

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