Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It was really nice and festive.

David and I went on a date yesterday! I haven't been out of Natori in a while, so we went into Sendai for a date. It was really nice! We started out at the post office in the Sendai station and then grabbed lunch. There's a cute little bagel place in the restaurant area under the station. I got a bagel sammich. Ham and gouda on a tomato and parmesan bagel. Holy crap. It was really good! And the bagel was so soooft. I haven't had a bagel in forever!
After lunch we wandered over the the shopping arcade. They had it all jazzed up for the holidays! There were lights and decorations everywhere. It was really nice and festive. We popped into a few stores and just kinda window shopped. I got my eyes tested and ordered some new lenses for my glasses. Super excited for that, can't lie.
I really wanted to visit the Disney Store (big surprise) so we walked over. It was all decked out for Christmas, too. I wanted to buy the whole store. They were playing random Christmas songs and we walked in to Kermit singing a Christmas carol. They had a sale on their ornaments, so David and I bought 4. I also bought a new handtowel for my purse.
We went for dinner at an Italian place in the Aeon Mall near our apartment. We got a dinner for 2 set. David picked the pizza and I picked the pasta. It came with a salad, which was really nice. There were huge slivers of parmesan cheese and the veggies were yummy. I picked the tomato and mozarella spaghetti for our pasta and it was amazing. Yumyumyum~ David picked a 4 cheese pizza, which wasn't really good. It had cheese sauce instead of pizza sauce and yick. Not a fan.
Oh! I learned how to cross stitch on Sunday! I had a skype date with mum and she taught me over skype. That was fun. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I made a cupcake with the kit I bought as my introduction to the craft. And then last night I scouted around on spritestitch.com and found a cute little pattern for Luna, the cat from Sailor Moon. I'm pretty pleased with the result~

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