Thursday, November 15, 2012

Even now, I have no idea how the heck that happened.

So, times have been kinda tough for David and I as of late. We were waiting on a refund from our apartment company that was supposed to come in last month. Well, it didn't and we were pretty poor for a little while. But, thankfully, it came in a few days ago. And we're able to afford little luxuries again. One of the first things I did was get myself a ginger bread latte from Starbucks. Yumyum~ And the store is all festive and full of Christmas merch. Last time I went in, they were playing the soundtrack to the Charlie Brown Christmas special.
We also went out for dinner yesterday to CoCo Ichiban. They make such awesome curry! I also discovered that they offer half portions, which is the perfect size for me. So, I got the half portion chicken tender curry with some naan. And mine came with a drink as part of the half portion set. Wooo!
So, most stores are starting to decorate for Christmas. Aeon has been putting up their Christmas stuff, as well. I already posted about the tree, but now they have banners hanging on all the pillars.
Yep. You read that correctly. MANY Christmas. The katakana says it, too, so I'm guessing it was intentional. Seems kinda funny, though. Ahahaha. Aside from that, the grocery stores put up some new adds. Including a Coca Cola Santa themed add for the holidays. Oh, and a Matsumoto Jun add for Meiji Chocolate. Which reminds me, I need to pick up some white chocolate for a peppermint bark recipe...
Actually, I did some grocery shopping today and I found Evangelion chips. True story. They even come with a collectible card.
I also bought some Christmas milk (read: plain milk in a Christmas carton) and some teas. The green bottle is a green tea latte. Yum yum~ I love matcha. And some Lady Grey, since I was out.
So, because we have some money to play with now, I'm able to make nicer meals. So, to celebrate, I made chicken stir fry and smashed potatoes. I think the potatoes needed to be cooked a tad longer, but on the whole it was a pretty good meal.
However, after dinner I had an accident. I was doing the dishes and was in the middle of drying our new knife. I was actually just thinking about how I should be careful, since it's new and sharp and such. And I somehow managed to slice my right hand/wrist. Even now, I have no idea how the heck that happened. It hurts a bit, but it's not deep by any means and I didn't cut any arteries, so it's all good.
PS. David took the pictures and was teasing me. Hence why I'm giggling. Ahaha. Oh well. After we got me patched up, I set to making David his lunch. I've gotten into bento mode the past week or so, but I only started taking photos yesterday and today. I'm not a pro yet, but hopefully soon! (The one from today is on the right.)

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