Thursday, January 24, 2013

I also had the cold from hell for most of the month.

Hey y'all~ So this is basically just a quick check in post. January's been a very quiet month and I haven't really been doing anything special. So, I don't really have anything for you guys. Well, I have a couple small things, I guess.

So, the Body Shop in Aeon changed over from their Christmas campaign a bit ago and their new campaign posters made me giggle. In high school, my friend Suzi used to call everyone rebels as a term of endearment. (She still does, come to think~) So, I saw this and thought of her.
I also had the cold from hell for most of the month. I caught it when we got back from Disney and it's only just gone away maybe 3 days ago. Our apartment is really dry, so that doesn't really help things, but it just would not go away! I would wake up with a sore throat and then I'd have a random cough all freaking day. And it was weird. I couldn't not cough. I literally had moments where I'd just cough for like 3 minutes, because I couldn't stop. Gah. Oh well. Over and done with now, thank god.

...And that's actually about it. Ahahahaha... It's just been a really quiet month. I'm gonna be attempting a crock pot lasagna sometime in the next few days, so I'll report on how that goes, I guess. But yeah. Still alive!

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