Friday, January 11, 2013

I won't spoil anything, but my feels were threw the roof after watching the final episode.

So, on January 2nd I had a cross stitch date with my friend, Tamsyn. In Sendai, they do lucky packs on the 2nd, so after having a quick cup of coffee we set out into the shopping arcade. I was going shopping mainly to pick out a new project to sew, but it was fun to go see the madness. And it was INSANE! like, CRAZYSUPEROMG busy! We almost couldn't walk! I was going to take a photo, but I was afraid of dropping my iPod. As it stands, I bought a lucky bag from Tutuanna for 1,000yen. Not too shabby! They sell the most amazing socks and tights. I forgot to take a photo of what I ended up getting, but I got a real steal!
We worked our wa to the local craft store and I picked out a new kit to work on. They didn't have lucky bags, but they had a lottery! like, one of those crank lottery things you see in animes. Well, I tried it and a white ball dropped, so I didn't win the big prize, but I did walk away with some tissues and a new handtowel! Not too shabby! It was starting to rain when we left, so we boogied on back to Tam's place. We had decided to stay in for lunch and I offered to make spaghetti. And can I just say, Tam has an AMAZING kitchen! It's MASSIVE! Sooooo much space! And a gas stove! I love it. So, anywho, I made us some awesome lunch. It was reeeeally tasty. And I may have dumped half a bag of cheese on top. BY ACCIDENT, I SWEAR!
So, after eating our AMAZING lunch we sat down and got sewing. It was nice! Just chatting and stitching. The pattern I picked out it the toughest one I've done yet, but I wanted a challenge! And can I also add, that I may be a genius. I was setting all the kit things out and in a kit they always come with a needle in a little cardboard and plastic pouch. I went to open it and I somehow managed to BREAK my needle! True story. Don't know HOW I did it. I must be talented!
At around 6:30 we both went our separate ways. Tam was meeting some friends for dinner and I had to rush home to pack an overnight bag. Why did I need an overnight bag you ask? Well, David and I went to Tokyo Disney the next day. And maaaan, we had fun but it was exhausting. We took a nightbus from Sendai to Tokyo Station. We left Sendai at 11:50pm and arrived in Tokyo at 5:30am. Oh god. I hate the nightbus, because I never seem to sleep on it. Then again, it's cheap and a good mode of transportation. And we only had the one day, so it was our only option. So, we hopped a train from Tokyo to Maihama Station, which is Disney's station. We got there at about 6:30am. The gates open at 8am. And there were already people in line when we got there! Easily about 20 lines spread out around the gates, each without about 10 people/families in line. So, we picked a spot and parked ourselves. And it was cooold! We each had our cute hats from our visit last December, thank god. Otherwise it would've been bad. At about 7:30 Mickey walked by the gates to wave and welcome everyone and then the gates opened right at 8. And people were running to get in! It was crazy!
Because we traveled during the news years celebrations, they had some cute decorations here and there. We passed this by the entrance to the Arcade.

Now, our first priority was to get fast passes for Space Mountain, but since there was like NO LINE, we just walked right in and got on. It was awesome! After that we were really kinda hungry, so we walked around looking for a place to eat. We ended up skipping on the bakery, only because we wanted something warm. They had cute foods out like always, though. I ended up with a Mickey glove chicken burger. Yep. For reals. And it was delicious. (And cute!)
After breakfast we wandered through the castle to grab fast passes for the Haunted Mansion. It was the last day for the Nightmare Before Christmas decorations, and we wanted to do that. The castle really is quite pretty. Almost as nice as Disney World in Florida. I love to see all the little details.
We hopped over to do It's a Small World, too, since it's tradition. And they had it all Christmas themed. It was kinda cute~ The dolls even sang Christmas carols (as well as the token song).
We wandered into Toon Town and did the Gadget Coaster. I looove that it's Gadget from Rescue Rangers themed! I used to love that show! And Gadget and Monterey Jack were my favourite characters! We also popped into Minnie's house while we were there and discovered that she had a copy of Jessica's Secrets on her chair! Sooo risqué!
After that we just kinda wandered about for a little bit. We didn't buy anything while we were there except food, but I took a picture of a really cute princess doll set.We also went for a ride on the steamboat and saw a band of people canoing by on the river. They run the 'Rivers of America' attraction at Tokyo Disney Land still, and boy, I've never seen such a sad display of paddling in my life. It was pretty pathetic. We grabbed lunch after that. David got the Mickey sammich this time and I got the chicken and scrambled eggs plate thing. It was pretty good~
We spent most of the afternoon just wandering about, doing a few rides or attractions here and there and just having a nice day at the park~ We caught the parade, which is rare. David normally hates watching the parades, but it was cute. The floats are really spectacular. I took a few pictures of the shops displays this time, too!

 Towards the end of the day, we were exhausted. It was a really fun time, but we were tired. We took the nightbus home and I managed to get some sleep, thank god. We got into Sendai at about 5:30 and took the 6:08 train back to Natori. The 20 minute walk from the station to our apartment was the longest walk of my life. It was cold, windy and we were both so freaking tired, that I was tempted to just sleep in one of the rice fields. We made it, though, and when we got home we turned the heat on. Our apartment was a whopping 5°C! Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Since our Disney adventures, we've been ling low. I've been attempting to do some casual studying and I watched series 2 of BBC's Sherlock. And man. New favourite show. I am sooooo looking forward to series 3. But oh my god. Poor John. I won't spoil anything, but my feels were threw the roof after watching the final episode. (In internet lingo, that basically means I was full of emotion after watching that episode.) Basically, this was me after watching it:
*Note: Not actually me.
True story, though. And now, I've been trying to work out some theories on what happened in that episode. (We'll see if I'm right~ (Which, I probably am not.) My casual studying method was pretty awesome, though~ Reading Sailor Moon manga in Japanese and watching Arashi shows without subtitles and trying to figure out what they were saying. Awww yeah~

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