Friday, September 7, 2012

And omg. There was a Pizza Hut there.

Oh hey there blog. I, uh, forgot that date we had... Sorry? I have a bunch of photos from before leaving BH and after, so I'm going to make two posts. Just FYI~

So, the week before we left BH it was Obon Week. Now, Obon Week is apparently the time of the year when people welcome back the spirits of their dearly departed loved ones. Megumi told me that~ So, because it's such an important event, everyone gets a holiday. Like, true story. The whole damn country basically shuts down for a week. And because it was a big holiday, of course BH made plans. So, we had about 400 day visitors everyday coming in to walk around, explore the gardens, eat the sweets buffet, watch a 'magician', and take the Manor House tour. I had to do a tour everyday. That's reeeeeeeeally rare! And I had to do one on my very last day of working at BH. It sucked. But, I gave an excellent tour, clocking in at about 1hour and 35minutes. Go me. (My longest tour was 2hours and 15 minutes. I was asked sooo many questions.) So, after that last day, I was FREEEEEEEEEEEE! My last day was on the 15th. Woooo! To celebrate, I got all dolled up in my penguin yukata and went for a walk.
It's the most amazing yukata ever, I know~ But it took me forever to tie the obi! It was brand new and it was stubborn! Oh well. I won't go into the finer details of obi tying and yukata dressing, but I think I did a passable job at least. So, I went to tea room for a sandwich and then I went for a walk around. The roses were all blooming and it was really nice out.
After my little stroll, I went home and got changed quickly. I had a dinner date with Belinda. We decided to go to the Craft House for dinner. It's cheaper and not as FancyPants as a refectory dinner. I actually snapped a photo of our daily sheet from work, because I found this funny.
Yep. KRAFT dinner. AHAHAHAHAHA. I laughed so hard. Must've been a spelling mistake or something!   I'm glad I didn't get my hopes up for some KD. I would've been disappointed. Ahahaha. So, anywho, onto dinner. David was our server which was fun. I like going out with Belinda. We have the same sense of humour and she's just really sweet. And dinner was really nice!
So, to start I had a really good cottage pie. Yumm yumm~~~ It's like shepherd's pie, but without corn. And it has a tomato sauce on the meat. Heehee. And cheese on top. But anyway, reeeeally nice!
After that, we had a nice onion soup. It was quite nice. Not light, but not heavy. I think if it was hotter outside it would've been unpleasant, but for the most part it was nice and mild, so the soup was a good choice.
And then it was time for the main course. Now, in Craft House you can choose from chicken or pork, so we got the chicken. And man, was that a good choice. The chicken was stuffed with a type of stuffing and it was just really good. And there were veggies!!! Oh my god. Vegetables! You never realize how much you miss something until you're stuck on top of a mountain.
Dessert was the best part, though. We had orange flavoured creme brulee! And holy crap, was it ever tasty. Like, legit. Soooooo good. And Nagayama-san (the chef) came out with a little orange liqueur to put on top of it. We didn't use it, but the thought was nice.
So, the next day Ceed took David and I out for lunch in Koriyama. She told us to pick and then she listed some places she knew of in the city. And omg. There was a Pizza Hut there. I hadn't had REAL pizza in at least a year at this point, so it reeeeeeally excited me. So, off we went to Pizza Hut. And holy hell. It was glorious. REAL PIZZA. I was so happy. We got a deluxe and a chicken BBQ pizza and a salad. (See gramma! I still had salad!)
After that GLORIOUS meal, we ended up going for a drive. We ended up at the lookout point near BH. There's such a nice view from here! And I'd never had the chance to stop there before. I guess when the Barracks was being built you could see the cranes, but they're obviously gone now. Ahahaha.
After that, we left the country for Taipei. I'll post about that later today or tomorrow.

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