Sunday, September 23, 2012

So, I like the green fruit/veggie juices you can find in stores.

So, Sendai is nice. I haven't really taken photos of the place, yet. Waiting for all of our stuff to get sent here before we take real photos. It's really nice even if it's small. Ahahaha. We don't really have much of a kitchen, but it's all good. I'll take photos as soon as all of our stuff has been sent and whatnot. I do have a photo from our front door, though. We live in an awesome area!
I went out with a friend recently. we just walked around downtown Sendai, but it was quite nice! We live near Morisekinoshita Station and it's about a 15minute train ride into the downtown area. It's not bad, but it's expensive! 400yen to take that trip! Ouch!
We also stumbled upon a small festival. It was called a Hiway Festival. Basically, it looked like it was showcasing major attractions along the main highway towards Tokyo. Or something. There were people from around Miyagi and Fukushima there. They also had some drumming on the main stage. We weren't able to get a good seat, but I tried to take a few photos.
I also found some cute food recently. So, I like the green fruit/veggie juices you can find in stores. It tastes like sunshine to me. True story. And I guess Vocaloid was doing a collaboration with a Japanese veggie drink. It tasted awesome and the drink art was cute. We also bought some cute animal crackers recently. They tasted like friend chicken! XD
And lastly, I found an awesome coin purse recently. The Disney Store was having a massive sale and we managed to find this for like 500yen. I couldn't help myself. It's Mickey with a mustache!

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